Saturday, September 17, 2005

Single Blessedness

I remember writing an email to one of these new upcoming young columnists, commenting on an article he had just published that hit me straight in the gut. Being Single... I couldn't help but vent out and share my own experience. I looked for that email and even searched the archives of the newspaper for that article. No such luck because the archive server was down.

I am still single with a twist perhaps. Where that twist will lead to, I am unsure of though hopeful. Then again, I don't like keeping my hopes too high because I don't think I can take another crash. I am still bothered by the fact that my mom told my brother for me not to be clingy. I may or may not have taken it the right way. I'm still trying to pin point exactly what it meant. The first thing that came to mind was "Mom, be thankful I cant drive anymore, no more tree slamming incidents." The second was, "Ok I have learned my lesson, please let me be."

With that in mind, I feel like I am trapped. I feel like, she is telling me not to live anymore. Just for me to stay where I am right now. I know she means well. Be both have been victims of this so-called relationships. I am very happy now but there is still that possibility of things that I may not be able to handle. I am praying for strength for me to overcome this. Just like anyone, I can only take so much.

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