Friday, March 09, 2012

I Said By Hook or By Crook Right?

I was not going to miss my son’s school production even if I had to go in a wheelchair. Yes, it was a hassle but I needed to watch my son. Considering the whole school had a month to prepare from scratch, I’m really impressed of the outcome. Only technical glitches really. Other than that, they were superb. So proud of all of them. Bravo! Special mention to Gabby Agbayani, Grade 7, for all the pictures. 

 “A Very Hairy Catastrophe” was the title. A collaboration of 3 productions. CATS, Hairspray, and an original To The Fairest, written by Mr. David Esteban & Mr. Martin Frias. To the Fairest was based on the Trojan War/Greek Gods & Goddesses. My son played Achilles. He wrote most of the raps for his group. Really amazed on how these kids work together considering that they are from different levels. It really reminded me of my days in Maria Montessori where it didn’t matter if you were Grade 2 or Grade 7. Everyone just got along and knew each other. Definitely looking forward to next year’s production.


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