Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I honestly do not remember why I agreed to have surgery. Was it in Hong Kong last November where I was in pain most the time because of those long walks to and from the arena or was it before that? I know I was having Physical Therapy for some time already and I was told that I needed to release the really tight tendon. That is all I had in mind. 

Through the years, I have learned that it's important to get several opinions from doctors and surgeons regardless of what procedure that's going to be done. Some months ago I almost had a Thyroidectomy to the point that I already a room and date of procedure. I backed out after seeing 2 other surgeons who both agreed that I did not need to have one because the mass found was one, benign, and two still within a minimal size. All I really needed was a  fine-needle aspiration biopsy to drain the liquid and oral medications. Beats going under the knife again.

After seeing three orthopedic surgeons, considering health insurance and costs, I decided to have it done once and for all. It was really my "agenda" beginning this year. Had it done now it's been 14 days since. Recuperating at home and still praying for patience and hoping that i don't bite heads off too soon. 

I still have a long way to go after the cement cast comes off. That is where the real work starts. 

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