Thursday, December 15, 2011

After my life literally changed 12 years ago, I noticed that the men that I attract are those who are "lost" or searching for something that will make them feel better about themselves. Because of my experience, I feel that they find "strength" and "courage" knowing that they know someone who has gone and surpassed these trials. They say I inspire. I am honored by what they all say. I truly am. But deep down inside, I feel that I just get USED. After they have "found" themselves, "regained" their confidence, they leave me and move on to someone else or go on with their present lives. Leaving me starting from scratch again.

I'm 35 years old. Single in all aspects. Sure, there are "guys" who have shown interest, a little "fling" here and there but never a "REAL" relationship. A real relationship in "accepted" terms. I am known to be "different" in my approach to these things. It has always been the case. Maybe that's why. I want NORMALCY in my life. Is that too much to ask for?

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