Thursday, August 25, 2011

IT's BEEN that LONG huh?

I'm better now. I have finally gotten out of the rut. It took sometime, as usual. I was holding on to something that probably wasn't there in the first place. They all said he was NOT worth it. I should have listened. I should have listened to my gut feel which was ALWAYS right. I was just stubborn. Duro de cabeza. Thinking that NO ONE can be such an asshole or a bitch. Apparently, there are such people and a number of them yet. Yes, I was really hurt, he broke my heart, but more of disappointed. VERY DISAPPOINTED. People are NOT who they seem to be. Lost my faith in the system which I was so willing to help and promote in my own little way. Too bad for them.

Twitter makes it easier to classify people accordingly like the animal kingdom. After a while, you see who are real bitches and assholes. I met two wonderful people, yes on twitter, and actually met up with them. In doing so, that so-called cyber barricade that oh so many hide behind, was brought down to actual conversations over cups of coffee, lots of laughs and gastronomic food porn. Actual phone conversations and not just tweets or text messages.

Now, daily phone calls and lots of laughs. Just what I need.

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