Thursday, March 17, 2011


It happens all the time. After ballooning to an absurd weight (OBESE) due to medical circumstances, plus the real joy of eating, I tell myself that I'll start losing weight or cut down blah blah blah. For the past 10 years, it's been a roller coaster ride. The truth is, I know for a fact, that once I start losing weight, SOMEONE special comes into my life. I must admit after one heartbreak to another, I tell myself that, I'll just stay FAT, that way they'll stay clear and away from me.

Of course, for health reasons, it's always better to exercise and eat well. In 2010, I only had one goal. To start going to the gym and shed those unwanted pounds. I haven't drastically gone far but 30 lbs in a year, it's good enough considering the physical restrictions I have. I have made it a point, BP permitting, that I hit the gym at least 2x a week. It's not enough but it's better than nothing.

So here I am, 30 lbs less. Feeling physically good, except my ankle pains that come with being hemiplegic, and more pounds to shed, SLOWLY. YES this is all just PHYSICAL. But EVERYONE knows, I am NOT just about my physical appearance. I am a very passionate person which I'm starting to believe, is my downfall too.

When you are given a second chance in life, you take things as it comes, make the MOST out of it, don't WASTE time, and SHOW your appreciation and LOVE because everything just PASSES you by. In an instant, things change, unexpected natural circumstances happen, then that chance you're given is lost. Many will say that it's just my being impatient talking. Maybe it is maybe it isn't.

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