Monday, January 03, 2011

MONTEMAR 2011; New Years

Our second year in a row to spend New Years in Montemar. It was just as fun and crazy but I think my mind was miles away =) I never appreciated SMS more than ever before. My constant companion was Hanna. As always, Luis disappears with his cousins and by the time he returns, he is a shade or two darker. Hahaha. My poor baby. I didn't stuff myself crazy this trip in fact I hardly ate thinking of the year I spent slaving away in the gym.

The sunsets were beautiful and I don't know how many MMS I sent to share with J.

For entertainment there was a live band and overflowing booze that my cousins were passing around. My son had his first shot of vodka. Haha! Everyone was dancing, singing, and getting down. Bruno Mars was on loop! Hahahaa! Haha. There seemed to be more families this year. The rooms/bathrooms were renovated finally. Fun fun fun. Til next year...

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