Sunday, November 21, 2010


Traveling has always been something that I look forward to. I mean who doesn't look forward to traveling? All I can say is that, I am amazed that my mom and I didn't get into each others nerves this time. We survived 5 days together. I guess practice makes perfect. I have found a system that works. Although I have to wake up earlier than usual, and my dear dear son was such a trooper. But what really saved us from screaming at each other was her KINDLE! Thank God for the Kindle.

I have grown to love Singapore especially because it's so green! Although there are still places that I would love to explore on my own. Maybe the "girls"can go on a trip
. Next year?? Food was scrumptious. Couldn't get enough the Chicken Rice (5 lbs later) even having it for lunch at Universal Studios. We stayed at Marina Mandarin which was accessible to Marina Square (aka easy access shopping). I didn't shop at all except a Nike Sports bra for the gym. Yes... seriously. Why? Everything is soooo expensive. Most meals were at the Marina Food Court...

Spent an afternoon and dinner with cousins at the Nike store and dinn
er at DIN TAI FUNG. After Universal Studios we were a bit lazy to really go around. I had a wheelchair for Universal but the rest of the days were spent walking, and walking... achy feet... walking and walking. We really made use of the hotel room too by just lazing around munching on our food finds.

It was a good trip... next stop... the beach...
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