Tuesday, October 05, 2010


When I was younger, I wouldn't be dead caught watching a movie alone. It was taboo. It sort of connotes being a loser or an excuse for men to do their business in the theater. You know what I mean. I would be ashamed, shy, scared of watching a movie alone. Now... I enjoy it immensely simply because I watch movies for free. I only go to the "best" movie theaters where I feel comfortable, safe, and clean. I also make it a point that I catch the first screening of the film of my choice. I have made friends with the movie tellers too. It feels good actually. A moment of solitude.

Being a PWD (Persons With Disabilities) has many advantages. Aside from watching movies for free, I get medicines (doctor prescribed) and basic goods (groceries) at a 20% discount. It may not seem much but anything will help lessen the expenses. Unfortunately, the trusted drugstore, MERCURY DRUG, DOES NOT ACCEPT my PWD ID or booklet. Where is their tag line "The Spirit of Service Continues" apply then? The PWD ID is a National ID therefore should be accepted in all drugstores at all times. So I have to resort of buying medicines from Watsons or even generic brands.

I always bring out my PWD ID whenever I am about to order food. Just to make it clear, the discount only applies on the food or item that you ordered. Let us not abuse this for what was given can always be taken away.

Back to the movies. For the past 2 or 3 years that I have been privileged to watch movies for free, I have never filled up my booklet. Not even a page. Therefore, I promised myself that I would watch at least 4 movies a month until my booklet expires. That is until July 2011.



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blissful COW said...

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krystle said...

hi, i enjoyed reading your blogposts.. very inspring.. I also tried watching a movie alone once and actually i hate the feeling, but after reading this, i should look at it in a different perspective.. =)

krystle.. ilovekits.blogspot.com