Sunday, June 20, 2010


For as long as I remember, or at least for more than a year, there has been NO WEEKEND that Paolo the ass has his friend Mark sleep over the weekend. Weekend means Friday night til Monday noon. Yes. That is long. This has been going on for more than a year.

When my Pappy was alive, Mark was banned from sleeping over. Why? So what would that ass Paolo do? Make him sleep in the car. The 2 drivers then, would see this all the time. The thing is I am pretty sure that the ass would make up stories. There would be times when Mark would have to hide in the asses bathroom whenever my Pappy would knock on his forever locked door. (We do not lock doors in this house. Only the ass does). Then the ass would come down for mandatory dinner together and when my parents were up in their room. The ass would call the maids downstairs to prepare and set up food for Mark.

This went on for so long and as soon as I would open my mouth to tell my mom, she would start shouting at me. Anyone who knows me well enough knows that, I will answer you back, shout at you, and really make you bastos and I wouldn't care who you are. As long as I know that I am telling the truth, I will NEVER back down.

So now, my father is no longer with us. On the exact same day that my father died, Mark spent the weekend here. And it's been that way for more than a year. We do not have our privacy anymore. I can't walk down the hallway in my underwear. I have to make sure that all the doors are closed as Mark might be lingering in the hallway.

When the ass and Mark are here, the yayas and cook already prepare the biggest rice cooker we have because they finish half of it in one sitting. When I do the grocery, I buy the cheapest spaghetti noodles that I can find because that kilo will be consume in one sitting. The funny thing is, Darius, our "new" cook, does not know the quirks of how to serve these two gluttons. No way am I going to serve them the expensive pasta. So one night he used the cheap pasta and my mom gave him a scolding. My mom turns to me and asks why I buy this brand. I blatantly tell her that the ass and his friend finish a kilo per sitting. She just keeps quiet.

The thing is I think my mom just shuts her eyes and ears. Out of all the problems she has, I think this is the easiest to solve. KICK the ASSHOLE out of the house. She did it once. She should do it FOREVER.

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Anonymous said...

I want more stories bets! you go girl, call him out for what he really is!