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Why I am voting for Gibo (and not for Gordon, Villar or Noynoy)

Why I am voting for Gibo (and not for Gordon, Villar or Noynoy)
By Why I Choose Gibo

I am a 30-something entrepreneur based in Metro Manila. I have always been aware of/involved in current events — as a child, my parents brought me to EDSA I, in college I marched against the presence of the US Bases in the Philippines, as a young adult I was at EDSA Dos.

This election is really getting to me, and I’m no longer content with talking with my friends saying I hope Gibo wins. It’s not enough to sit there and say ‘sana’. I am writing this to explain my choice and hopefully to help others make theirs.

He is the only one who has had a clear and detailed platform from the start. He does not promise the impossible with grand statements, he is specific and tenacious in getting his message across. He cites specific problems and solutions of the different areas he visits — he has clearly prepared for this.

He has an excellent scholastic and professional track record. He has not disparaged his fellow candidates. The respect he has shown them has made him the favorite of the other candidates, their wives and children.

He will be able to reach out to the other parties when the elections are over — when work needs to get done.

He is intelligent and humble. He has inspired the youth. He is a statesman among politicians.

Please, almost all of them were identified with GMA at one time or another. Based on the number of defections from the Lakas camp and his current estrangement from his uncle Danding, Gibo is not anyone’s puppet. He is clearly his own man and his resolve to run his campaign in the matter he sees fit has ruffled many trapos feathers.

Despite defections, Lakas is still the dominant party with representatives in the national and local level. No one can match their machinery in campaigning from the grassroots — evidence of this is slowly emerging. Very few, if any, of the other parties fielded full slates in the local level.

He has the most passionate, well spoken, informed and organized volunteers who actively campaign for him everyday. Such enthusiasm is inspiring and contagious — and it might just be enough to win over the undecided votes. The silent majority is tired of the empty promises and mudslinging. They want a president they can be proud of.

This 2-candidate, good vs. evil battle is a media creation. Your vote is only wasted if your choice is based on fear, emotion and/or nostalgia rather than who you really think is qualified and deserving.

“Winnability” is a concept used by traditional politicians to appeal to the Filipinos’ need to always feel like they are part of the winning circle — hence the commissioned and questionable surveys. Many of us enjoy betting on the winner, as if watching a horse race, but really, what is the benefit of being on the winning team if you end up with a loser for a President?

Win or lose, I know that Gibo is the most deserving, prepared and qualified candidate. I am proud to cast my vote for him.

Meanwhile, there were only 3 other candidates worth thinking about:

ERAP – Just kidding.

GORDON – Yes, he has a good track record with Subic and the Red Cross. He is also a relatively successful Senator. However, I’ve had a couple of first hand experiences with him, corroborated by other people’s experiences, that showed me a few unfortunate traits. He loves the sound of his own voice too much, he talks down to people, is abrasive and doesn’t like to listen to others.

Maybe it’s from his Subic experience where everyone was a volunteer and willing to be dictated upon, but a good leader really needs to listen. A good leader should also know how to speak to people of different levels without alienating them. He needs to respect other opinions and accept that he is not an expert on everything all the time. Gordon has a “love him or hate him” personality, humility is not his strong suit and he is prone to outbursts. Basically, I think he’ll just piss a lot of people off. Sorry, but I want to actually like the person I’m voting for.

Oh and he wants to grant amnesty to the Abu Sayyaf. Um, no.

On the practical side, despite questioning the surveys, Gordon will really not win. In a country made up of over 7,000 islands, machinery wins elections — not advertisements, not televised debates. Simply put, Gordon doesn’t have the machinery needed to win the presidency.

VILLAR – I actually admire how from modest beginnings, he was able to build a real estate empire. He took this further by holding local and national elective positions until he made it all the way to Senate President. I don’t take his ambition against him — clearly, this man had a dream and the will to make it a reality — the Presidency is simply the next logical step in his path.

If not for the C5 issue and the super trapo-style campaign he’s running, he would be my second choice. Don’t even get me started on Willie Revillame…

Ok, ok, I have to say something about Willie — to me, he and that TV show he hosts epitomizes a lot of what’s wrong with this country. They prey on the underprivileged members of society, demean them with stupid games knowing that they will do almost anything because they need the money. The show encourages you to, rather than be productive, spend all day in a queue, pray that you get into the studio, pray again you get chosen for a game, get patronized and made fun of by the obnoxious host, and hopefully, ultimately win money — one time big time style. It is the total antithesis of Villar’s “Sipag and Tiyaga” motto — and yet Villar chose to be endorsed by Wille. As long as you are popular, even if your show killed 78 people (Ultra stampede — I want you on my team. Yikes.

NOYNOY – What has Noynoy done to deserve the presidency? (cue the sound of crickets)

I have more admiration for someone who has always aspired to be president and is obsessed with it, than for someone who had no plans of running, but because of a sudden surge in popularity, decides to run. Let’s face it, if Noynoy’s parents were not Ninoy and Cory, we wouldn’t even be talking about him.

Some argue that Cory was also inexperienced and had no plans of running for president either. True, but during that time, the people really only had 2 choices. That was then, this is now. Get over it. We have far better options today.

Watching Noynoy, I wondered why he always seemed to have a prepared statement to read. Could he not formulate his own answers? Wasn’t he a quick thinker? Then I saw a few interviews where he spoke off the cuff…here are a couple of gems:

On the surveys showing Villar was leading: “May survey na ma­tino at may survey na na­bibili sa Quiapo pamin­san-min­san na may ka­sama pang champoy,”

I bet he thought, oh I’m so witty! But by saying surveys can be bought, he cast doubt on the earlier surveys showing he was leading. So let me get this straight — surveys that show him leading are scientific and accurate, surveys that don’t are paid for and bogus? Ah, ok.

On not being able to pass a single authored bill (am paraphrasing): Marami daw kasing nagfa-file and refile. And if you check daw his performance, he was always present, “nagbabantay” and doing investigations.

A legislator’s main function is to make laws. Law maker po kayo, hindi security guard. Investigations are supposed to be in aid of legislation only. Always being present is not equal to good performance. That’s like saying you are a good student even if you sleep during class, as long as you are physically present. The sheer number of other bills being filed should not be a hindrance to your own bills. If your bills are good and if you have the tenacity, drive and resourcefulness, you should be able get them passed. E si Lito Lapid nga e…

Noynoy likes to talk about human rights and justice. To that I have two words: Hacienda Luisita

The Luisita Swindle

Really? Now that you’re running for President, you want to distribute the land? After so many years of sitting by watching them suffer, you suddenly want to give the land to the farmers? Maybe you should have discussed it with your cousin Fernando first because he told the New York Times a different story.

He is not specific enough with his program/platform. It’s just a slew of motherhood statements. Ok, so you hate GMA, and you won’t steal. And then what?

Yet, more and more he speaks like someone who is a sure win, like he is ENTITLED to the presidency. He was even irresponsible enough to say that failure of elections will result in people marching in the streets. If you are really the choice of the majority and have what it takes to become president, why the need to condition the minds of the people? You are supposedly a champion of democracy, so why encourage/threaten unrest? We do not need an administration whose only platform is vengeance.

Also, this good vs. evil thing that his campaign is spewing is really frustrating. Noynoy is good, everyone else is bad. Issues raised against him are black propaganda by paid hacks but issues he raises against others are valid and true. He can bring up his parents anytime, but if a rival mentions them, it’s disrespectful and sacrilegious. Puhleez… a quick check of who are behind his campaign will tell you that the line between good and evil is pretty blurred in that camp.

I actually feel sorry for him. I’m sure he knows he is not fit to be president. They talk about Gibo being a puppet of GMA, but really, it’s Noynoy that is the puppet of the power hungry elements who want to be back in the driver’s seat.

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