Thursday, January 28, 2010


For the past years, if you have been reading my blog, you will KNOW much I HATE my mother's son. I cannot live in the same house as he does. I can innumerate all the things he says and does but believe me, it would be longer than an epic or whatever you call those really long novels.

It is CLEAR that my mom favors him over me. That's ok as long as she knows what he really is like. The problem is, she is blinded by his foolishness, the way he deceives her, his constant lying, and his deranged way of thinking. It is a known fact that the arguments between my mother and I always stem out from what that asshole does. He is so annoying LOUD that our neighbors complain. The other day, outside my mom's window, I heard that ass talking to his friend or office mate or what our helpers say, our "boarder" and this were his exact words. "Pare, do I look like I have to work? I'm rich man, I dont have to work if I dont have to." Putang Ina! When I heard that, I wanted to get my dressage whips and whip him and kill him. I want my cousins to hear or read about this. It cannot come from me because AS ALWAYS, my mom thinks that I just make up stories about that ass to get him into trouble! Jesus Christ! I have my own life, but what am I suppose to do when you hear it first hand?? Even my yaya, who was up on the 3rd flood heard it. That is how LOUD he is.

We are are total of 12 people in this house. All 10 of us know exactly what that ass does. But of course, my mom does NOT believe a thing we say. If it comes from me, she has to verify it with the yayas and even the driver. They ALL have expressed their opinions and they all say this; "Kahit naman sinasabi namin kay maám, hindi naman siya naniniwala." or "Hindi na namin sinasabi kasi ibabaliktad lang niya yung istorya." These things frustrate me because no matter what, my mom does not believe ME or anyone else.

Like I have said over and over again, that ASS has got my mom wrapped around his ass scratching finger. It's like we can never win. I can never win. Am I suppose to just let it go? The things that ass does in front of my son is a BIG NO.

Imagine this: Dinner time. Food is budgeted because of expenses: We are served whereas the yayas go around with a tray and serve us. HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I SEEN THIS?! There are 2 or 3 pieces of chicken fingers or something left plus Luis' baon for the following day. So politely asking everyone in the table, "Can I have the last piece?" Luis' asks. Guess what?!! The ass gives Luis piercing looks saying "Don't you dare touch that!" Leaving the 3 yayas serving in stitches as they go back to the kitchen. Because they hate the ass to, they give everything to Luis or for Luis' baon. A 28 or 29 year old in a fat body of a 4 year old. Really, his mental age is 4. My God, my 10 year old son is more mature than that ass.

My mom constantly complains about the expenses here at home. So in whatever way I can, I do my part. Why can't she tell that ass to do the same? Our food (mostly meats) revolves around what he likes. The REFs and FREEZERS are always broken, so of course the cook will tell my mom. Then my mom gets mad at them asking why they break. The maids just shut up because they know that if they say it's because of the way that ass slams the doors (ref, freezer, car) my mom will not believe them. Again, IT CANNOT COME FROM ME!!! The ass has this deranged conclusion that if you leave the freezer door opened of the small ref it will leave the ref colder. What the FUCK?? I'm telling you, that ass is sick in the mind! Hello??????!!! The higher the electricity bill will be right? If you keep slamming the freezer door of course it will break eventually.

That ass was clinically diagnosed with ADHD. Did my parents do anything about it?? No. My mom probably thought it will pass! HELLO MOM!!! He is a sick ass! Sick in the head. He needs psychiatric help. There are papers and studies that I can pull out to prove it. Hmm, maybe I should shove it in that ass' face once and for all.

He jacks off in front of the computer even though there are maids/yayas going up and down to the 3rd floor. Because of the porn he watches that other computer is brimming to the rim of viruses and then since my mom and that ass share the same computer, of course the comp is always broken. Then get this, he blames my computer. I swear I want him DEAD! It's a good thing my mom didn't fall for that. My computer is only connected via WiFi. That ass blames my computer of why my mom's doesn't work. My mom was about to buy a NEW Router because there was no internet access. Punyeta! It's a good thing I was in the car with my mom when that ass told her about it. Puta, I have been using the internet and it was only 1 or 2 days that I didnt have connection. When I figured it out, viola, my WiFi worked. My computer's WiFi, my iTouch, Luis' laptop had connection so what fuck is that ass saying that it's my computer that is breaking my mom's?? He doesn't know his ass from anything!


Last Monday, I really told my mom off. Though it was really bastos and disrespectful, I had to say it to her face. She stormed out of the dinning room in tears and I, surprisingly enough, was uber calm. No shouting, no crying even. Not even tears of frustration. It felt good. I'm not sorry for what I told her. Because she has to know the truth. She has to face it. Even after tonight's "talk", she still wont say it out loud that all that I was throwing at her are ALL TRUE! I asked her to say that what I told her was true, she refuses. Thus, whatever I threw at her were ALL TRUE. Why cant see say it out loud?? I wanted so much for that ass to hear everything. Yes, I am proud. Yes my pride is high. It has to be or else. I know where to place myself. I know how to blend in or fit in. I respect people. Just don't get me pissed off. Don't worry, I don't think there is anyone worse that the asshole that lives here.

Monday night and tonight, it was poor Luis who ends up crying. Guess what Luis said that brought me to tears. "I miss Pappy. I wish he was here. Pappy would have listened and believed you." I hugged Luis so tight and I said "Yes! I wish Pappy was here too. What can we do Luis? Mom never listens to me. That's why I want to live somewhere else, but I cant afford it. Let's just help each other."

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Junie said...

I knew it, pesky little brothers grow up to be bratty big brothers from hell.

Women bring in freeloaders in the form of husbands without jobs, but brothers - for some reason - bring a friend or the whole barkada to go through the grocery, consume your electricty and yes, inade your house and your privacy. I can't even drink my morning coffee in my nightshirt.

And yes, mothers would rather think that daughters are nags rather than finally acknowledge that their sons are the spawn of some lower level being.

I just love to tell my mom that my brothers take after her. That she raised them.

For some reason, when fathers become frail, that seems to a son's secret signal to assert control over the household.

I just love my brothers; I'd love to hack them into pieces!

I should commend your efforts for a cleaner, greener, and safer home and environment but brothers are a topic just made for ranting!