Monday, December 28, 2009


The title says it all.
December 19: Tito Joe's Birthday where we had a Potluck Party for him. We had mass and we even had carolers that the priest brought in. Tita Lou made this arrangement as she has seen them perform at the US Embassy. Apparently, these children are from Smokey Mountain and are well traveled performing our classic dances and more. When the children sang Happy Birthday, Tito Joe was in tears. Aww.
December 23: Ah... this is where the mayhem starts... Julian's 6th birthday party. The plan was that Cara would pick up everyone (the kids) in the "Julian's Birthday Bus" where all the kids would pile up in the van that had tents, tons of pillows, sleeping bags, and toys. A fun ride indeed. Call time was 1:30 in my house but it was past 2pm and yet no sign of the Birthday Bus. The driver took a wrong turn where they ended up near Alabang already. Hahaha. The Cuis and Luis were picked up in my house. The coast was clear so I left and picked up Margie. I couldn't have ridden in the bus because I need a proper seat so I took my own van. I get a call from Cara soon after, the van stalled. Oh dear. Then I get another call again saying that the van got fixed and they were heading to pick up Jennie's kids in Valle Verde. Margie and I made our way through EDSA taking our time. Guess what?! The van stalls again right in front of Jennie's house and her parents were standing right outside the door. Bwuahahahaha!! I can already picture the scene of the crime. The van was dead. They all had to take a cab and car to pick up the Bonifacios in La Vista and the Techono Hub on Commonwealth. I could feel Cara's frustration, I could. Margie and I had dimsum while waiting. Seeing Cara jump out of the cab waving her arms up in the air saying "WE MADE IT!" was a hilarious sight indeed.
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December 24: Mix Emotions. Our beloved Tito Tony Climent passed away before noon. The 24th is also Tita Chiquita's birthday and when are Aranetas get together for Christmas lunch.


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