Thursday, November 26, 2009


It seems that this year has been a year of traveling both local and international. Twice to Baguio, Bacolod, Hong Kong, Singapore, and in December, Bataan. Fun but tiring (for my feet).

Hong Kong was one for the books. RDA Hong Kong sponsored our trip and accommodations and oooh lala meals. But having to walk from the room to where to eat, lectures and demonstrations, bullring, conference rooms took a serious toll on my feet. Up to now, it's still hurts. Met delegates from all over the world and riders that were truly amazing. Truly inspiring. We stayed at the Beas River Country Club which was all the way in the bundok, it's suppose to be a posh posh hush hush country club. Tell the taxi to take you to the Hong Kong Jockey Club he will know that better than Beas River.
Singapore. Mom took Luis and I to Singapore on a 5 day trip. But it was clear that the trip was for Luis. We spent the whole day in Sentosa, half the day in the Science Center, and the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. We also met up with Ramon and Debbie and adorable Rocco. Food was good too but after how we were fed in Beas River, hmm so far what I have eaten hasn't come to par. Love Singapore because of how clean it was. It was pure greenery.

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