Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Inspired by INDIGO Baby's entry of WAYS to be GREEN. I realized that I have been taking these steps in whatever way I can. I must admit that it's darn hard to convince my family to make that switch. But I will still do MY part for the least. For the past two years, I have been an authorized reseller of Indigo Baby. I believe in their parenting and eco-friendly values that go hand in hand that will later transcend to our children and hopefully to our children's children for the benefit of Mother Earth. I have become pretty passionate about this and as I have said before have chosen to be conscious about the products I use.

I have always believed that natural and organic is the best way to go. For a time, it was hard to find these all natural products that were readily available. I mean, I don't think groceries or major supermarkets carry them yet. However, because of this GO GREEN bandwagon, there have been many local small businesses and manufacturers that have taken those steps and producing excellent products and services.

Daily Rituals. We all take a bath at least once a day right? Please say you do =). Your choice of Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, Feminine Wash, Deodorant, Shaving Cream, Toothpaste, Mouth Wash, Toner, Make up, and the daily list goes on and on, gets washed down into our water systems. We all know that ALL will lead to the ocean whether you like it or not. So why not use environmentally safe and sustainable products in our daily life? Can you just imagine the impact that it will make to our ONE and ONLY Mother Earth?? It's really simple actually. It's just about making that conscious effort. Don't you think?

Laundry. I live with my mom (my father just passed away after a long battle with stage four lung & renal cancer), and my 10 year old son. My dad has a younger brother who has been a vegetable for almost 32 years due to a car accident. He lives with us now. Then, there is this guy who lives here too but he is totally useless in all aspects. We have 4 household helpers, 3 midwives that take round the clock shifts, and a driver that stays in. That makes it a total of 12 of people. Can you just imagine the water bill? Out of those 12, I bet only 2 or 3 really make a conscious effort and I know I am one of them. I buy Plantex Green Detergent and Fabric Softener and sometimes I buy Victoria detergent and laundry bars. I super love the smell of Plantex. It's only P155/kilo for detergent and P125 for the fabric softener. Victoria's detergent is only P125 per kilo. But this is only used for my clothes, my son's clothes, out towels (hand and bath), bathroom rugs. Why?? Because I am the only one who makes that conscious effort. I will go out of my way to buy these rather than just grabbing the more convenient TIDE or SURF or ARIEL. I tried making my mom SWITCH the detergent that everyone uses but NOOOOOOOOOOO, the yayas have to list down TIDE in the grocery list. She just grabs the list and goes. BUT, I have made it a STRICT and CLEAR RULE to the labandera to use ONLY eco-friendly products for us. And she knows that she can't fool me. I know the smell too well. A reason why too I'm itching to have my own place.

All Purpose Cleaner. I found Plantex Green All Purpose Cleaner and the ratio is 1:20. Hmm, does it or will it really get clean?? Just to make sure make it 1:10 when mixing the all purpose cleaner. It works on EVERYTHING! But, here goes my problem again, the yayas still use AJAX or DOMEX. I have literally put their faces and noses on the ingredients of these nasty health threatening junk and have repeatedly told them to STOP buying them. Still my mom buys because it's listed. ARGH!!! I even bought 5 or 6 bottles of the Plantex Green for each bathroom of the house. Guess what, there are hardly used. Well, at least my bathroom is certified green. The yaya who cleans my bathroom knows that I will have a fit if I catch her using AJAX or DOMEX. She knows I know the smell. Plantex Green All Purpose Cleaner is P105/1liter to be used 1:10 ratio. P10.50 pesos. That's CHEAP!

Even Jive my horse uses eco-friendly products. I use Victoria Bar for her baths. I make a water vinegar earth friendly dish washing liquid for her fly spray too.

Kitchen. I have tried. I buy Thifty which is an eco friendly dish washing soap. Guess what? I find an unopened bottle under the kitchen sink and I see the AXION or JOY on the sink of both the main kitchen and the dirty kitchen. WTF?!!! I'm dying to hear their explanation. I was about to buy another bottle today but I remembered that there was still an unopened one. See why I need my own place??

Electricity. Unplug. Unplug. Unplug. At least my mom's yaya unplugs my mom's hair dyer and small electric fan daily. I unplug everything except my wireless phone and tv. The rest I make sure that there is nothing attached to the electrical sockets. I know for a fact that the pest that lives here doesn't give a damn about anything. He leaves the computer on 24 hours even though he is not even home to the point that I have to irritatingly remind my mom to tell him off. His fan and tv and cellphones are all on even though there is no one there. This is the kicker, he freaking leaves the freezer of the small refrigerator door opened because he dementedly thinks that the drinks will get colder. He is mentally ill. For the past two days, the ref door has been left slightly opened. I have to close it properly. I feel like putting electrical tape around it already! My mom just threatens him if he doesn't shape up but to him it doesn't matter. A little carino he thinks will make my mom forget or at least let his foolish ways pass. Hahaha. NOT when I'm around. Hey, he doesn't pay for electricity. Mahiya hiya naman siya.

Well, that's all I can think of as of now. Gosh, it's 12:59am already. In all of this, it is really a CONSCIOUS EFFORT for SAVE our ONE and ONLY Home. Earth. Do you part in saving the earth, we only have one.

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