Thursday, August 06, 2009


Standing for more than 8 hours under the rain, sun, things being thrown at you, on a moving truck, not moving, is commendable indeed. I'm glad that ANC's Top Story was able to interview 3 of the 4 honor guards this evening. Given the fact that they were given the honor to guard President Cory's remains until her final resting place, these men endured all this without a budge. Here are their names. Antonio CADIENTE, Gener LAGUINDAM, Edgardo RODRIGUEZ, Danilo MAALA.

Their funny stories about their trip makes one realize how that when really want and need to do something, it can be done. One was dying to pee, the other make sure he went to the bathroom before boarding the truck, and one was wondering how he was going to get off the truck after his legs have stiffened up. Hahahaha... Funny! Pinoy talaga every thing just becomes a joke. =)
Picture by Jojo Gloria

Picture by ME

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