Monday, August 10, 2009


Over and over again, I have told our household staff that there are many harmful chemicals in cleaning products. Just recently, I was able to convince my mother to switch our laundry detergent to Plantex Green or Victoria. She was happy to comply but the last time I accompanied her, actually to make sure she doesn't grab the usually TIDE and DOMEX and AJAX just because it was easier, she got a 2.5 kilos of Tide only because it was cheaper than Plantex Green by a few pesos. I couldn't argue with her simply because she was paying. It's a good thing that it was only 1 pack that she bought. I gave strict instructions to the labadera and yaya to only use Plantex for our(Luis & I) clothes and bath towels, bedsheets, etc. They can use whatever they want for themselves but as long as there is eco friendly cleaning materials, use it right? I have told my mom that I will even go out of my way to buy environmentally friendly cleaning products just for the sake of our planet. What's a few minutes and detour? Time that I have too.

Because these helpers have their "nakasanayan" cleaning rit
uals, it really hard to make them understand that CHEMICALS are bad. A few months ago, my beagle died. Poison was the cause of death. Some helpers say it was the driver because the dog bit him and the driver poisoned him, others say that it was the previous labandera who would get a high from I do not know what. Now, that I think about it, it was probably the Clorox bleach that they were using to mop the floors. I mean, who knows right?? Since Hunter was in the dirty kitchen most of the time, he probably was inhaling all that Clorox while the helpers were trying to make the kitchens spotlessly clean. I confiscated the GALLON size of Clorox because for the nth time, my house shirt was stained with Clorox. I had to tell them that it was a good thing that it was a house shirt and not a going out shirt which many know, I do not have much of. I was fuming!! Don't even get my started with Luis's school shirts. School shirts that have not yet been pain for. What is their reply? "Sorry" Sorry does not fix the stained clothes, sorry does not buy a new shirt. "Kasi natapon ...." The only concrete thing to do is confiscate it. If I had my way, Ill throw it away. I told my mom to STOP buying bleach even if it is listed in the grocery list. I have my eyes keen too because these helpers think that they can outsmart you by buying small packets of Zonrox or even Muriatic ACID! They must hate me now because I'm changing all their "nakasanayan" products. I gallon sized Zonrox is in my room hidden in a waste basket which I have to change from time to time. I emptied all their small containers too.

This morning when I woke up, the yaya who cleans my bathroom was taking longer than usual to answer me who was cleaning my bathroom. Why??? She was using AJAX cleanser to scrub my bathroom tiles when she knows very well, that I have Plantex Green All Purpose Cleaner under my sink cabinet! FURIOUS!!!! I said, "Kung hindi kaya ng solution na tinimpla ko, gamitin mo yung puro." (If the cleaning solution that I made does not clean enough, then use the solution pure." You know, my allergies started to react. I was itching and this sensation was starting to creep up my legs. ARGH!!!! I swear, if only I was not disabled, I would really really would rather have no helpers. Ang titigas ng ulo. (Hard headed) Hay, like what they say and I'm sure I have said this so many times, You can't live with them, you can't live without them. I label their cleaning products and what they are for. Then I notice that the bottles are being used. Why? Sira... or ubos na. Hay!!!!! Then ask for more. Or tell when they are broken so I can replace them. I better end this before my blood pressure hits the roof again.

Need to find: Environmentally safe "bleach"
All Purpose All Around Cleaner and Detergent (P130 and P125/1 kilo)

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