Friday, May 22, 2009


The other day Tita MC told me that I shouldn't write what the ass does. Apparently, she reads my blog. I'm sorry Tita but I have to vent out or else another vain in my brain will pop again. My last entry about this was February 23, 2009. I said that I was wondering when the ass will finally get kicked out for all the lying and crap that we have to live with? Well it happened last Monday but puneta it only lasted for 4 freaking days! Now the ass is back here. Fuck! I'm going to get so hot tempered and hell is going to break loose again. See, that's the problem with my mom. She gives in so easily and that ass knows that he has my mom wrapped around his fat finger. His fat finger that is literally inside his short/pants scratching his ass all the time! The helpers have a funny skit they do of him scratching his ass. He is the laughing stock of the household. The cook is going on vacation next week and dear God I hope she still comes back knowing that the ass is back here. Mamomoblema nanaman of what food to cook. Mounds of rice again and cans of processed food. Shit, now I feel bad that I did the grocery knowing that it's just all going to go to that ass.

The past few days that the ass was not here, we had pleasant dinners, no food went to waste, no extra cooking, it was bliss. No porn windows popping out while I work, no loud computer games, (I should really tell the neighbors to file a report already. Baka they are just dyahe. They already did once of twice. They should do it again.) no electric fans left opened, no bashing of ice in the middle of the night, and the list goes on. I wonder how much water we saved since the ass was not here? Tons I bet, no bidet left on while he takes a crap. See, no one believes me when I say these things. Well, they better, because I'm not going to stop until that ass REALLY gets kicked out of the house. Please NOT 4 days. Make it an eternity.

Before my father passed away, he sent this text message to my mom saying that I had finally visited him and forgiven him and that now he will work on the ass. Well, maybe my Pappy knew it was a hopeless case and died anyway. Of course he knew it was a hopeless case.

Does this mean that I have to start looking for places to stay?

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