Thursday, April 23, 2009


A long long time ago, my mom had this book about recycling. It was a nice picture book and interesting indeed. Something like 50 Ways to Safe the Earth. This was 20 years ago. I have always appreciated nature and animals, except cats, in general and always wanted to care for the earth. Life in general gets too busy that we ignore the "world" around us. It's only the recent years that this explosion of recycling, all natural, organic and have started doing little things to help save the earth. has become a "trend" so to speak. Like most know, that my life changed 10 years ago, I have become more aware of the environmental issues we face today because I have a 10 year old son who will inherit this earth and the future generations to come. I figured that the best way to start is always with yourself and later extend to those around you and so forth. Although, I'm not going to be a hypocrite and start being a vegetarian and live on tofu alone. I still want my guilty pleasures and be happy. I still want my Quarter Pounder with Cheese and the like. I still want my Adobo, Kare-kare, Crispy Pata, ect once in a while. =). Live a little as many would say.

A little more than a year ago, I have made the switch in going natural in my every day grooming and cleaning. It has taken some time but I have found the products that suit my skin type and knowing that it's not harmful to the environment, it makes me feel good that I am helping in whatever way I can.

Bath & Body

Household Cleaning & Laundry

and everyone's favorite.... SHOPPING

Please recycle. Let us do our part in saving the earth, we only have one.

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