Tuesday, March 17, 2009


As seen from recent posts, it's mostly about business. For obvious reasons, I need moolah to sustain needs and caprichos. Aside from that, helping out fellow Stay-at-Home-Yummy-Mummies. Plus I genuinely believe in all the products since I have tried and tested them. =)
In the not so personal aspect of my life and that of my dear son's, nothing much has really been happening. It's the usual schedule that we keep. Because of the financial turmoil that we are all in, I try to limit my spending and going out, meaning grocery shopping on a need-only basis with a few cheap stuff thrown in. Although needed, but not entirely will-not-survive-without-it, is my PT or physiotherapy. Makati Med Rehab has raised thier prices and I find it too steep. In other words, I haven't been going. I didn't go today. I would rather have a hour and a half masahe actually. Which reminds me that I have to call the gym and Barangay Clinic regarding thier schedule. If I can get it for free why not right??
Which leads me to my present dilema. The person half-stabling Jive has written me a letter saying that this will be her last month for stabling Jive. I always ask for a month or two notice for termination just so that it will give me ample time to find another person to stable Jive. Which I believe is the right thing to do. Right??I hope things will turn out for the better. I can't afford full stabling of Jive... NOT at ALL! =(... poor baby.

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