Sunday, December 28, 2008


Time for joy and time for cheer... I don't know the rest of the song. Hahaha. It's been a crazy month. I must admit that I have been sucked into the Twilight Saga phenomenal only because I read all 4 books (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, & Breaking Dawn) and Twilight 2x and watched the movie giddily 4x, once even by myself. Thus, not much blogging rather, as you have seen in previous posts, clips from the movie literally taking to heart Edward's heart melting lines. C'mon who wouldn't want that in a man?? I'm just being honest here. I don't care if it's baduy. Hahaha. Like I said, I get my kicks wherever I can.

The Lifeline ambulance and paramedics have been a frequent sight on my street, especially on our driveway. My Pappy (dad) has been in and out of the hospital almost every month and this month twice even. Each confinement is due to new symptoms, new findings, and complications. It has come to the point that confinement is just like a regular check up. Today, I woke up finding my mom in shorts and her Crocs fixing up the library or the computer hall. But wait!? Today is a Sunday, a sacred golf day for my mom, that is why we attend mass on Saturday nights, what is she doing home? I was not surprised when she said that my dad was hospitalized again. Ah ok... Just going about our daily routines. In fact, Luis and I were getting ready for a birthday party in Quezon City, while my mom and her yaya were packing for yet another hospital sleepover or like 2 weeks ago, 1 week stay. My poor mom had to sleep in the hospital with my dad not ever coming home. Well, I know and we know her reasons. So be it.

I have to thank on-line shopping for making this Christmas semi-stress free. Yup, almost all the gifts I gave were via on-line local multiply shopping sites. Yipee! My stress was from something and someone else!!! Haha!!

One night in the hospital, while having dinner with my family, I get a call from a disgruntled parent who was shocked by what my son said. In fact it was a YM message between my son and another boy. So, my question was, what was that disgruntled father doing reading a message between two boys, and NOT his daughter in the first place? Because the message was checked and opened in his house, he had the right to read it? Hmm, I don't think so. So, yes, I admit that whatever my son typed to his friend was downright wrong in all aspects and my son was reprimanded for his actions, all I can really do and will do is apologize for what my on said. Nothing more. Nothing less. However, this father wanted more from me. I think he wanted me to apologize to his daughter for implicating her name. Ha!?! Over my dead body. Why? Because this father does NOT have a clue of what his daughter had done to my son through the years which I kept mum about and just explained and talked to my son instead. My son has chosen NOT to be friends with this girl anymore. In fact, I believe it was just after school started. It's been months since. I think this girl couldn't take the fact that my son has chosen to ignore her completely despite calling him here at home, or on his cellphone. So what does she do? She sends him a YM message and still he ignores her. My son is so fed up with her games and with her just wanted to ignore her. But the pestering did not stop which probably provoked my son to say those insulting words. He couldn't say it to her face so he expressed his anger and frustration through his friend. Unfortunately, this uptight father saw it. You know what, I think this daughter showed it to her father to get my son into trouble because clearly, she was being ignored. She can't take being ignored. She will do anything to get what she wants at the expense of others. So, after a lengthy, voice raising, name calling, conversation between the father and I, he chose NOT to be friends with me anymore. Do you think I even care?! Thank GOD he is out of our lives. Every one knows that when one provokes me, and has tested my very short temper, they are going to get it from me no matter how it cuts deep in your gut. I will tell them the truth even though it hurts. Believe me, my dear parents are the number one victims of my lashing out. Gosh, I didn't even hit the tip of the iceberg with what I said about his precious little spoiled brat daughter. Hahahahaha! I didn't waste my time having to explain to him or defend my son. I don't have to do that at all. Sayang lang laway ko. =)

In all good will, I apologized to the mother, who is my friend, for what my son said. Again, that was it. I even said that, whatever happened between her husband and I, I hope it didn't change our friendship. As for the husband, to hell with him. End of story. I said or she said that we would just see each other in the party the following day. Good. Done.

Luis' school chose 20 kids to perform and join the Rockwell Mall "I heart Xmas competition". The ages of the kids ranged from the 1st grade to the 4th. Luis was the only 4th grader. December 6 was the first performance and won 2nd place. Two weeks later, Rockwell asked Esteban to sing again. A special performance before the main competition. The night before the competition, not thinking of it as anything major, Luis got invited to my tita's office Christmas party. Fine. I let him. He got home at midnight. That night too was my titos birthday and we had mass and merienda cena with the relatives here at home. Also, it was Magallanes Group Christmas party.

During the party the other moms were laughing so hard about something that I didn't catch on since I arrived late. As soon as I caught on the conversation, I got shocked and started laughing too. PLB was going to have a "concert" the following day and was not allowed to do or eat or drink anything that will ruin her voice. I seriously thought that i was some major concert and truly, i was happy for her. But when I realized what "concert" they were pertaining too, I couldn't help but join in laughing spree. It was the same MALL singing competition that my son was singing in. Hahahahahaha! Geez, all the hype for what??? Ok fine, I'm glad that PLB's school placed 2nd place in the grand finals. I mean, Luis' school was just a special guest, but for God's sake, it's just a friendly Christmas performance in the center of the mall with a cash prize for grabs, not a freaking CONCERT!!! Well, like I said, I have my ways too. I did NOT mention a single word to the mother of PLB that Luis was singing in the same "concert". I just let their jaws drop when Luis was on stage with the rest of his school. Mother of PLB greeted me as expected, where do you think Father of the PLB was?? Nowhere in site. Hahahaha. I was sitting in the 2nd row bench, he didn't dare pass my way. I did not involve my son either, he was just as surprise that PLB was there too. Well, didn't bother to watch PLB either besides, 530pm mass was more important.

The usual pre-Christmas festivities, lunch with my mother's side clan, mass, noche buena, and Christmas Day Dinner with my father's side. (Will write about this next time)

Yesterday, the usual Saturday afternoon, I get a call/text from my neighbor saying that she is craving for this new tuna grille restaurant that just opened right outside our village. Food?! I'm there! So we agreed that we would meet after I go to mass at 530 and eat to our hearts delight. Also, so that her son and my son can finally see each other. Turn of events blindly flashed before my eyes. PLB was so irritatingly calling, texting, and whatever ways of communicating she knows of, to get a hold (or should I say suffocatingly) of my neighbor's son. To the point that neighbor's son didn't mention where he and his mother was having dinner even though he knew the truth. PLB not contented, made her mother call neighbor, asking for neighbor's son to play with her. Neighbor, being honest, said that she was meeting my son and I for an early dinner. In fact, mother of PLB was invited too but mother of PLB made stupid excuses of why she couldn't go. What excuse? Because PLB and Mother of PLB are allergic to tuna or any seafood. GEEZ!!! There is always Pork Chops!!! Hahahaha! So fine, I didn't want any of them ruining my dinner either. What really got to me was that, MPLB (I'm sure you have caught on), said this "Kumain kayo ni Bettina sa labas pero iwanan mo sa akin si (name of son)" (Sure, eat out with Bettina, but leave your son with me.)

What the fuck?! MPLB and PLB are really doing this not making my son and neighbor's son see or play with each other on purpose. Just because MPLB knows that my son and neighbor's son are going to see each other without the fucking PLB around, she will "steal" neighbor's son. Prior note: These kids all grew up together. It's just that my son goes to a different school. Fact: PLB and neighbor's son are classmates. In fact, seatmates!! So why can't my son spend time with neighbor's son at all??? They haven't seen each other in months. WHY?? Because Precious Little Brat and Mother are conniving little shits. It's all in the family!!! So, what happened? Neighbor, Luis, and I had a sumptuous meal together, had coffee at Starbucks, and walked home. My son felt bad that he didn't see his friend but at least he didn't complain, whine and cry out his lungs with fake tears. Luis did ask tita neighbor to call his friend. Guess what, PLB wouldn't allow him to see my son. So neighbor's son was trapped! Neighbor was already distraught because her son really wanted to eat where we ate and really wanted to have a Starbucks Frap. On the way home, Luis even thought of showing up in PLB's doorstep. Hahaha. We should have to give them a heart attack. Like I said, I have my ways.... Hahaha. Well, seriously, I will NOT stoop down to their level. Gosh, if only you knew the horror stories I have seen, witnessed, done to, about this set of immature people, you will truly understand everything.

Phew...well that's off my chest. Ignore. Ignore. Ignore. So, how were your holidays?

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