Sunday, November 09, 2008


I'm still breathless from the week that went. Saturday was Ninong Dachi's 40th day and T. May's birthday. So there was mass and dinner in Alabang. Sunday, it was T. Bambi's birthday this time. Before getting picked up by T. Lou and Chachi, I was just informed that someone was just killed a a street away from our house. Yikes! My mom played golf as always. Pappy opted not to go because he was not feeling well. Late that night, as I was about to sleep, my mom comes knocking on my door frantic asking for the emergency, 16-911. Pappy's blood sugar was so low that he was hypoglycemic, he was slurring and I believe even lost his sight. Thank God that I had a bottle of pineapple juice in the ref. My uncle's midwife was frantic looking for the bottle of juice which was nowhere to be found. The cook and helpers hid it from that baboy because we all know that he would finish it not thinking that it's emergency juice for my pappy. Stupid ass! Anyway, my pappy was really hallucinating and even crying. Scary! It's was a good thing that the ambulance came in time. When the ambulance came, my pappy didn't understand why the ambulance was there. That's how disoriented he was. The ambulance took my pappy and mommy to the hospital and I went to sleep.

Would you believe that when I woke up Monday, my pappy was off to work? As if nothing happened. The usual Monday wherein I pick up Luis from school and take him to tennis. I stopped by the stables and hung around with T. Marivic and Dedet. Tuesday, I go about my usual PT regimen, pick up Luis from school and get dropped off in SM for some much needed grocery. Since my mom said that she needed the car at 4:30, I said that Luis and I would just take a cab. No problem. Cheaper even since parking is 40 bucks and merienda is less than a hundred buck. Taxi costs 50 pesos only. Then, I get a schock...T. Louie Senn just passed away. I was texting with my cousin Rachel, and she gave me the sad indeed. =(. Wednesday was the wake and mass. Thursday was the same. Luis was with me. My mom picked us up at 11pm plus the additional chit chat with other relatives. Towards the end, it was a nice round the table glass of wine with T. Marilou, Sito, Rachel, and Kiko. Getting psyched for the 9am burial mass the following day. Having to get ready early, I got Luis ready and I was giving last minute instruction to him for the long day ahead, I see that ass pass the corridor with a girl in pink following him.

Tang ina, that girl spent the night here. What nerve that ass has!! Do you think he even went to the burial mass? NO. What an disrespectful asshole. A member of the family passes away and here he is bringing home girls to sleep in his room?? What do you call that???!!! I know it has been happening, because I believe the helpers, but this time, I saw it with my own eyes. I went directly to my moms room and told her about it. The ass denied it. What a fucking asshole! Well, the drivers saw them leave, two maids saw them too, and I saw it. So that's 4 witnesses against a fucking liar! To think that just the day before, my pappy catches him making out with the girl. Grabe... he is making our house a whorehouse!

The burial was so solemn and quick. The rest of the family headed to Alabang, to Tito Louie's final resting place. The resting place where Lola Manchi, Lolo Ramon, T. Chiquita, and all the unborn or still born or a month old babies of the family were. Sad but knowing that they are all in a better place gives one gratification. There was brunch in Tito Bomboy's house after.

Rode with Kiko and Rachel and super cute Cristina home since our boys, who were together, had tennis at 5pm. Phew... long long day. Saturday was mass at 6pm in San Antonio and novena after. Today, i just rested. Luis and Pappy went to Rockwell and watched the 007 movie... Yup, that was the week...

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