Tuesday, October 14, 2008


In my entire equestrian life, I have only had 4 helmets since I was 12 years old. The one that I use now is much much older than my 9 year old son. It's still good but having to pad them with non-wing sanitary napkins is hilarious. Especially when the pad peers out from my helmet. We riders have all done that any way. I just laugh at myself...Thankfully, these IRH Helmets are made here and exported to other countries. If I knew this sooner, I wouldn't have to carry my previous helmets with me in my hand-carry on my trips abroad...oh well.

*The new innovative low profile geometry, coupled with extreme ventilation makes the new Elite Helmet one of the most comfortable and fashionable helmets on the market today.
The center vent ports, along with right, left and rear ports create the maximum air intake and optimal air flow through the helmet, cooling the head. The nylon harness is completely adjustable and features a quick snap closure. ASTM F-1163-04a/SEI Certified*

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