Wednesday, October 29, 2008


You know how I so look forward to my sacred Wednesdays? I haven't been able to really enjoy my "day-off" in the past weeks. Too many things have been happening. I had a small birthday celebration with my best friends last Saturday, which was simple but filling. Hahaha. I have been taking Luis to his tennis practices and leaving him there while I go chit-chat with T. Marivic by the stables. Picking him up after or waiting around reading a book. I've been planning on taking Luis to see the eye doctor because since it runs in his genes, bad eyes are inevitable. Finally, I got an appointment today at 4pm. Halloween...geez, we haven't put out any decorations whatsoever. As in none. Of course, I have been asking the maids to bring the decorations down from the attic but, it never gets done. Just a sec, I will check on it now...back!! She must have read my mind, because she brought down the decorations already. They are really outdated though... Yay. Now, to buy goodies for trick or treat. I havent been able to go riding since the wedding. George always come when the weekend is near making my strongest day on a Friday, the day that I ride. Bummer. =(. Hahaha...Hey, that's included in daily life right? Oh well....


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