Thursday, October 16, 2008

the ASS

I try my best to just ignore everything, but I can't! That stupid ass Paolo bumped the car again and has not said anything about it. It was the two drivers who were texting each other yesterday afternoon, explaining the damage. When Driver A told me and even showed me the text of Driver B, about it, I immediately texted my dad. NO use telling my mom, because it's either A: She won't DO ANyTHING about it or B: She will just say that I am only looking for excuses to get him into trouble and knowing the way her minds works, she will turn the story around and say "Why? You haven't bumped a car?" (I haven't driven a freakin' car in 10 years!!!). He bumped the City which actually belongs to my mom, but he has been using it for so long that his stink emanates from it as soon as you pass by it. That's not even entering it. I refuse to ride in that car because it REALLY STINKS!! And who rides/uses it as to avoid MAJOR CONFRONTATIONS which my parents already know by NOW will end up in a whipping frenzy if they don't do anything about it? My poor dad. I would rather spend 50 pesos to 100 pesos and take a cab rather ride in that fucking stinking filthy car. So, there is one. CAR is damaged but MOM doesn't know about it.

Two, no matter how HOT it is, we DO NOT use the air conditioner as to SAVE on electricity and money. My own parents who work hard all day, and deserve a good night's rest do NOT use air con on a daily basis. Maybe 2x or 3x a month at the most. Here is the asshole Paolo who uses it at will any time of the day he wants and fully blasted that, when you pass his room to go to my parents room, you can feel the cold. Tonight, my mom passes by his room and realizes that the air con was on. I just shrugged and said, "He does that ALL the TIME!" But of course my mom will just ignore me. The WORST thing is, he DENIES it! HE is a FUCKING LIAR! All 4 household helpers, drivers, and even midwives/nurses have congregated one time too many talking about what that ass does. That is what really GETS to me. Tang ina, we are NOT stupid. I AM NOT STUPID. He can play my mom as the fool, since we all know that he has got her wrapped around his little finger but NOT with me. That's why I have my Dressage Whip withing reach at all times on the days he has really hit the limit. Believe me it has happened a lot. Have my parents reprimanded me for using the whip on him? NO. You know why? Because they know that he deserved it. Of course, they won't tell it to my face...but I know.

These are just two minor example of the things that that asshole does. A novel can be written about his kababuyan, lies, and deceitfulness. I don't care i he wants to kill himself by eating a bucket of KFC (15 pieces with 2 cups of gravy) in one sitting. Or pretend to eat a cup of rice in front of my parents, but will come down later at night or when m parents are not within site, and eat 3 cups more. 1 kilo of Spaghetti in one sitting. I don't care that he is diabetic and has a reading of 300 when my mom demands a blood sugar report. I don't care if he drinks a liter or 2 of sodas in on sitting or tantamount of Nestea Iced Tea with SUGAR. I really don't care. In fact, I'm overjoyed when he does eat like a glutton, sorry, he is a glutton, because HE will DIE soon. I don't care if he drops dead in front of me. I'm not calling the emergency hot lines that our Barangay provides us with. He can go to hell for all I care.

You may say that it's immature of me to be thinking this way...well until you live in my house and see what that ass does, not to me because he can't touch me, but what he does to the house (It's his personal whore house. I have 3 midwives who can attest to that), the way he talks to the maids and drivers, and worst, how he answers my parents. Sure, I have answered my parents back but all in a certain context. I still respect them. Again, until you live in this house, NO one will ever realize what a pain it is. What a pain he is.

Move out you say? Tell that to my parents. I don't think they can function without Luis. Believe me, I have been wanting to move out for years. But then I said, WAIT? I'm not the ass here, I'm not the glutton, I'm not the BABOY, why should I move out? He shouldn't have been kicked out a long time ago. I will move out in time unless my parents kick him out SOONER and BETTER for them. The better for every decent person in the house. Phew!!! What an ass!


kng said...

Tell us how you REALLY feel, Betu! JK :) OVER!!! Is he in any of your pictures?

blissful COW said...

Hahahaha!!! Obviously NOT! Hehehe. Why waste space on my camera for him? Hahaha... He is really an ass.