Friday, September 19, 2008

Is This Just a FAD? I hope NOT!

I feel good every time I go to the grocery and don't have to use a single plastic bag. It seems that EVERYONE has caught up with the bandwagon of NOT using plastic bags whenever possible. Thus, all these BAGS are coming out now made of every material possible. From nylon to canvass to whatnot. Unfortunately, plastic bags are still being overly used. In one department store (grocery too), their grocery bags says BIODEGRADABLE. Is this possible or are the big supermarket chains trying to fool the general public just so that they are considered IN? Hmm, something that I have to ask the saleslady the next time I go to the grocery.

My favorite SITE, INDIGO BABY has recently joined the NO PLAStiC Campaign. They now carry FLIP and TUMBLE Reusable Bags.

You want one? ORDER HERE for P 490 each.

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