Monday, June 30, 2008


I went riding this afternoon and as always, Jive was a sleepyhead. Nothing new. Tita Marivic told me what Jive did last Saturday. I was full of aww and ooohs. Noriko, who is going to start half-stabling Jive this month, rode and jumped Jive last Saturday. They were jumping and Jive took a huge leap leaving Noriko unsaddled and thrown off the saddle. Because of this, Noriko fell on the ground right under Jive's hooves. Guess what Jive did? She is such a sweetie! She did not put her hoof down until Noriko was far enough and out of her hooves. Can you believe that? If that were any other horse, Noriko would have been badly bruised or stepped on by a 1000lb or more animal. See hw Jive takes care of her riders?? The only problem with Jive is that, she demands her carrots after each ride and she can kick. As in kick when flies bother her. Even then, she will try her best not to hurt her rider when the flies attack. That's my baby.

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