Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Even if I don't have the final say in it? From 6 maids, we are down to 4. It's been only 5 months and already all the little bulong-bulong are starting. Or should I say that it is only now that it's coming out. One, I don't speak to the cook because she is a hopeless case. Let my mother worry about her because, again, no matter what I say or do, my mother has the final say. The cook, doesn't cook breakfast nor lunch at all. Even though she knows that Luis and I will be home. This is the typical lunch time conversation between a yaya and I:

B: Anong for lunch?
H: Sandali, tanongin ko.
A few minutes later,
H: Wala siyang niluto. (refering to the cook)
B: Ano?! Eh anong kakainin namin ni Luis?
H: Sandali, maghanap ako. (H is a housegirl it's not her duty to look for meals)
B: Di na bale, gawan nalang ako ng sandwich. Si Luis tanong kung ano and gusto niya...

For two days straight, my parents come home for lunch and again the cook has nothing prepared even though my mom at least was home the whole morning. Today, there was NO lunch again. The baboy finished last nights' roast chicken. There was cobbler fillet which the cook keeps serving all the time, so we are all so sick of it. So, i called my mom already because I was not going to tolerate the cook. I might just shout at her. This has been happening too often already. Next thing I know, H comes up saying that the cook is crying. An hour later I can hear the cook from my window laughing so hard that I had to call downstairs to tone down their voices. Argh!! Thank God Luis and I are out of the house everyday except Wednesdays for the summer at least.

The labandera or laundry girl. We dump everything into the washing machine. All the labandera has to do is iron the clothes which she does in the afternoons. Ok. Fine. I had to hear from my neighbor that the labandera is in her house practically everyday! Not only that, the midwives (those who care for my uncle) has seen the labandera go in and out of the house even at midnight. Confirmed by others that she meets up with this old guy by the corner of our next door neighbor. Sure, all the maid are allowed to leave the house for awhile but HAVE TO ASK PERMISSION. When dinner time is near, ALL the MAIDS have to help in serving dinner. Labandera just sits around watches TV and waits til we come down for dinner. The poor 2 house girls who have to clean and do everything else, still have to serve and prepare for dinner while the cook and labandera and sitting pretty. The labadera will NOT was dishes because mapapasmado. The cook....forget it. The kitchen is so filthy, I haven't even cooked since last December. I got all my cooking things and brought them up to my room. Dang!!!

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