Monday, April 14, 2008


Gosh, I don't even remember the last time I posted something "important" here. I have just been busy. Too busy to really blog and would rather just post pictures and let them do the story telling. Let take a few steps back and see what has been happening...

I have been having meetings for the Summer Arts Club and Waste Management/Recyclables Fair in the Barangay at least twice a month. I haven't exactly had a perfect attendance because as everyone knows, Luis' activities are more important. Since all Barangay events are purely voluntary, can't really blame me for not attending. Most were conflicting schedules or last minute notices. Even the PWD meetings I haven't been attending either. I'm such a delinquent. Hahaha.

Because Luis still had school, I still had to wake up at 6 am to get him ready. On some days there would be instant play/mommy dates too. Most were all impromptu where we all just end up ordering food from nearby establishments. That's why I am just getting rounder and rounder. At the same time we would be planning our Baguio Trip which actually pushed through. YAY! Because I have NO yaya, I have to plan way ahead of time. Last minute shopping including 4 bottles of Red Bull for my driver. I was so focused on the trip and being responsible for my guests, I didn't even bother with Luis' final exam. His teacher did say that he is doing very well and not to worry about the exam. So, I was just taking it easy.

Mom also left for Paris and really don't know when she will be back for sure. I'll have to call her office for her actual itinerary. All I know is that she will be gone half the month for sure. It's a good thing that on the day she left, I didn't go to PT. She would have left so many essentials. Hay mother! Well she deserves all the vacations she can get. Hehehe.

Had another Recyclables Fair last April 4 and again it was well attended despite the sweltering heat. Had to leave at exactly 3 to take Luis to Polo for his football and picked up June and Anton as well. Lamon hits again... What's wrong with us?
Went riding as always but with the heat...oh boy. I was afraid that Jive would collapse under me. Lots of rest periods and gave Jive her treats for being such a good girl. I love JIVEy so sweetie!

Another last minute shopping with June for our Baguio Trip. Mostly drinks and junk. Hahaha. Everyone was just too excited....

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