Saturday, April 26, 2008


Well, not really. Just weekend rest time. With Luis' schedule which I posted a few posts back, I really look forward to the weekends. Doing NOTHING. Yes, I long for these lethargic weekends. Just have to hear mass and basically that's it. I'm glad and thankful that one of the 4 yayas/maids help Luis and I now with the preparations of our daily schedule. But as soon as we are out of the house, it's just Luis and I.

On TTHs, June and I take the boys to swimming lessons and while we wait, we EAT! Bad bad bad. But with the piercing heat, who can blame us for wanting quench thirsting fruit shakes?? Watermelon has been my favorite. On the other hand, our growing boys gobble up Polo Cheeseburgers in snap. Just watching them eat makes my mouth water. Juicy sumptuous burgers. Yum-O! At least it is a 1 to 2x a week treat. No way will I allow Luis to have one ever time we go to the club.

Yesterday the sudden pouring rain cancelled the football/soccer practice. All geared up, Luis asked if he could go swimming instead. Sure sure. He knows the rules. As long as there is no thunder and lightning he can swim to his heart's delight. I on the other hand walked to the stables and and chatted with no other than Tita. M. Jive was being ridden by A and I forgot to bring down Jive's treats. Thank God A had a bag of carrots or else Jive will have a fit. Yes, she stomps her hooves if you don't gave her her carrots or treats ASAP. She is really my sweetie. Luis and I ended up waiting until past 7pm to get picked up. Mom had her own thing and just sent us back the car after she was dropped off. Then traffic...what's new??

Knowing the it was the end of the week long activities my body just shut down and was more than ready for a blissful slumber. A few spritzes of Divine Intervention...a dab of Jar of Hope on my temples...ooh lala. Off to

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