Tuesday, March 25, 2008

...Back to the GRIND....

Easter vacation just ended. Luis goes back to school until the 8th of April. Waaah! It was so hard to get up this morning and that Luis jumped into bed again after having his breakfast. It's a good thing I had the alarm clock on or else we would have just gone back to sleep. By 7:30 he was out the door. Drumming my fingers, contemplating whether or not I should go to therapy. Well, PT hasn't been as fun as before. I really enjoy our lunches in the cubicle. I get bored because I have no one to really chat with the whole time. My PT started having lunch with his buddy. Of course my session is something I can do with my eyes closed. Honestly, I would rather have a 1.5 hour massage. It comes out even cheaper. Hehe. 9 years of PT this July dear.

I went riding yesterday and I was alone too. Tita Marivic forgot to mention to me that she was not having a class. It was a good change because I was able to work Jive more. Making her more forward and round. She is doing great with her new "shoes". Problem is how long will they last? Need to sell more SHOO FLYs or more food orders?

Luis' father was here and saw Luis for a day. They went to a birthday party in Alabang. Luis was so excited that we ended up waiting (including my parents were waiting) for more than an hour. You know how it is here. You say "2:00", Luis will be ready by 2:00pm. That's my Pappy's influence BE ON TIME. I guess some things NEVER change. Oh well, at least Luis had a good time with his "old friends". =) Knowing that Luis' father is leaving today, I asked him if he wanted to see Luis before he headed back to Malaysia. A few minutes to say goodbye was ample enough. Luis was surprised which made me happy. Funny and sweet, Tita Alice gave Luis and I a package of fresh fruits and yummy longganisa. YUM!! Hehehe. Again... some things never change... =)

It was also Easter Sunday and we had family dinner in the Lopez' house. So excited for Monto and Trish who are expecting. Congrats kids. Perezes were there too. The usual Lechon, Nilagang Manok, Lumpiang Ubod, Snipes na Adobo, and yummy desserts. Happy Easter.

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