Friday, February 15, 2008


A week ago I was rushed to the ER because of severe chest pains and palpitations. It was found that I have ulcers and suffering from GERD or heartburn. I am now on ulcer medications aside from my maintenance meds. Main cause? STRESS. Give me all the reasons and I won't buy it but STRESS is a definite cause. Yes, this past months have been really stressful for me. I'm getting the hang of doing almost everything on my own but there are still times were I stress myself. From the time the alarm rings at 6:30am, I set it again to an hour later. If the second alarm rings, it means that Luis is late. Then I have my breakfast, surf the net, watch my downloaded shows. If I have my therapies I then get ready for that too. Laying out every single garment I need. Then preparing my bath. Everything has to be in place for me. Simply because once I am in the shower and on my chair, i'm stuck there til' I'm done.

The ALARM CLOCK my new best friend.

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