Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I haven't blogged about this because it's been a crazy month. Super busy. Last December 18, 2007, I wanted to make a gift for T. Maritess and MCJ. What I know how to do is cook/bake. I was going to make Chocolate Chip Banana Bread. After making everything that only needed to be cooled, this know-it-all cook said that everything was ok. She has baking bread since time and memorial. She even explained to me of how she bordered the bread with this and that and blah blah blah. In tagalog, "Dak dak ng dak dak". I went to sleep thinking that everything was A-OK. NOT!!!

I said that I would package the bread in the morning. When I asked to bring up the cake/bread it was still in the pan!! I was already furious but chose just close my eyes and keep quiet. I said, "Akala ko ba nilabas mo na yung pan at pinalamig mo?" (I thought you brought out the pan from the oven and cooled it.? - forgive me if my translation is wrong.) After her non-stop blabbing and blabbing and giving me all these uber stupid reasons, I really blew my top. I was shouting at the top of my lungs as her "paliwanags"were becoming more and more mundane. Of course my already hot dead got even hotter. The cook ran out of my room while I was still talking. I HATE THAT! So, I asked my yaya to call the cook back. Remember, my blood was already boiling... My yaya come to me and says "Ayaw humarap sa yo." (She doesn't want to face you.) Oh boy, that really pissed me off. I go downstairs in my nightgown and I was really raising my voice, "Anong ibig mong sabilhin na ayaw mong humarap sa aking? Ano ka reyna? Putang ina harapan mo ako. Ako pa rin ang amo mo." Of course those didn't come out right. Next thing I know my mom comes down in an towel because she heard all the shouting. I later found out that my yaya ran to my mom as I was descending down the stairs saying that I was going to kill the cook. Hahaha. Yeah I can?! I forgot that these maids take everything literally. My bad.

So after my mom and I have yet another lengthy argument about the maids. They are so fucking spoiled you can't imagine! 1 maid cleans 1 bathroom and 1 room. 1 area (living and dining). The yaya assigned to me cleans my room and luis' room and my bathroom. That's it. But she has to accompany when I go to PT or Riding or whenever else I go during the day. At mid-afternoon they are FREE. Until dinner time when they have to serve and clean after. Our food? That's another story. But since my mom told me NOT TO TOUCH the cook, I don't bother to make sure that dinner is ok. If the food is presented NOT in the manner my parents want it, I don't anything. Can't touch the cook remember? And I will throw that back all the time. My dad who is hard to please will have to deal with the cook or my mom who is never here. I can't even cook in my own house.

On that same day too I gave the cook hell, my yaya of 6 years disappears. Since I wanted to cool my head off since my BP was already 160/110, I locked myself in my room and started wrapping Christmas gifts. I called downstairs to have my yaya called. "Umalis na." Ok, I said thinking that she went tp pick up Luis from school. NO! She left for good! What? Why? What?! I didn't get mad at her. I didn't even nothing. She was just cleaning my room. Was she guilty because she told on my mom of what was happening in the kitchen? Did I say anything bad to her? I kept wondering the whole day. Guess what?!

She asked my mom permission to leave because "Hindi ko na kaya." (I can't take it anymore) Can't take what anymore? Later I find out all these things. 1. She has had a boyfriend all this time, thus spending late nights on the phone, 2. She has bringing her clothes out little by little every time she goes on day off. There was hardly anything in her closet after she left. 6 years and almost empty closet. It was premeditated. 3. She still owes me a for her cellphone bills. Tracing them from the monthly bill. No one knows where she went. She probably eloped. See, I knew it was coming. She asked if she could go on vacation this January. Which was really due to her. But when asked when she will come back, she couldn't answer, When asked again, her reply was "Bahala na." I knew she wasn't coming back... but you would think that after spending 6 years together with all the trips, and daily living, she would have the right frame of mind of asking me to leave. It's not a won't let her. Standard procedure, look and train for a replacement. RIGHT?

So it's been almost a month without a yaya. I like it but some things are just inevitable. No matter what, I need the help. I've gotten taking a bath myself all figured out. I'm also training Luis NOT to depend on a yaya even if there are 6 others there. Because soon we will live alone.


Anonymous said...

You're joking, right? You think that it's okay to cuss out a maid for leaving a banana bread in the pan? YOU were the one baking it to give somebody as a gift. What a thoughtful gift na pinagawa mo sa maid, at sinigawan mo pa at minura mo pa yung maid. Seems to me like it's not the maids that are spoiled in YOUR house ha.

blissful COW said...

Who are you?! I made the bread myself. The COOK assured me that all was well and that I could go upstairs and rest. In case you did NOT read, I AM PARALYZED so naturally THEY should HELP. That's why there are 6 of them. Unless you live in my house, you have no right, to call me SPOILED you ass.

Lia said...

SPOILED?!?!?! Who you calling SPOILED!!??? If you knew Bettina, she is ANYTHING BUT SPOILED!

CHICKEN! You have to resort to posting you comment anonymously? WHY ARE YOU HIDING YOUR IDENTITY?