Monday, December 03, 2007

...HAY NAKU...

Last night I was called to my mom's room because of the latest Polo Club Bill. She was giving me the "Why is the bill so big, I am going to give away that horse!! I'll sell that horse" speech again. Then I said, "Show me the chits and I will show you what expenses my horse has. Stabling fee, Stay-In Groom Fee, Farrier...". She was holding the bill. She did not open the brown envelopes that contains the chits. She had 3 brown envelopes unopened. I opened them up for her and started segregating the stabling horse expenses and that of Paolo the ass. I really did it in front of her face because I am really fed up with her putting the blame on me. See, I am the one who goes to Polo on a regular basis. Little did she know that Paolo the ass still goes even if my mom confiscated his club card already.

My horses chits were as I mentioned earlier which amounted to less than P 4000. That was for a given month. There was no food and beverages or videos/dvds or haircuts and other useless stuff. It was all for my horse. There was one month where some horse feeds were accumulated together which was from June to October 2007. So yes that was a lot but still within the budget. Of course I separated the one of the ass. IT WAS ALL FOOD and DRINKS! Excess of Seattle's Best which the ass signs for. I dumped it on all my mom and said "You are always shouting at me and accusing me that I spend so much, why aren't you questioning all this?" (Together with the inch or more thick of chits!) She looks at the mound and shouts at the top of her lungs "Paolo! Puneta come here right now!" My mom hits (spank, slap, punch) him twice on the arm and starts shouting at him! He is NOT allowed to sign for anything there in the first place. I continue segregating the many more chits. After all that, she tells me pertaining to the chits, "Throw them all away." I look at her and say "No way! I am going to file this and the next time you accuse of why the Polo Club bill is so high, I will throw all this back at you." She keeps quiet.

In all of this mayhem my Pappy is in bed watching TV. Then he says "Give me the bill when it comes and I'll pay for it. Paolo you are NOT allowed to go to Polo."

This noon my mom calls me up questioning me again about my Citibank credit card bill. In a month a accumulated P 2,185.77. That is about $ 52.00. Of course I have to explain to her each transaction which was mostly for Luis. Then there she goes again about my horse. I said pleading in tears, "Sell anything. Get my credit cards. Sell anything else but not my horse." In my mind I was like "Sell that asshole! My horse has more worth." Then my mom said, "Pappy will pay for your horse." Ayun pala eh... tang sayang lang drama ko.

Ok, ok , you must think that if I were your mom, I would sell your horse. Over my dead body! I guess only my Tita Marivic (my second mom), my groom, and I would understand the underlying cause of why I will not sell my horse.

8 years ago I became literally half paralyzed. Hemiplegic for a more specific medical term. I was bed ridden. I was bathed in bed. Did everything in bed. I was in a wheelchair. I had 24 hour round the clock nurses. I had those forrest-gump like braces. I couldn't walk period. I started riding Jive again in 2002.... where am I now?? . Look it up and see. Hippotherapy

"Hippotherapy is totally special and unique," says Kern, who is on the physical therapy staff at Loma Linda University Medical Center and Children's Hospital. "No machine has ever been invented to take the place of a horse's muscle groups moving from side to side, forward and back and up and down. These closely mimic the human gait."

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