Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Sobrasada is the national sausage of the Balearic Islands, and Peregrino Sobrasada is as authentic as can be in America.

Our producer got a treasured family recipe from a friend, Padre Miguél, a native of Mallorca, and followed it faithfully.

To premium quality ground American pork, they add a little sea salt, sun dried paprika from Murcia, a pinch of garlic, hojiblanca olive oil and dried milk (sucrose) as a binder.

The result is so good, that the government of Mallorca chose this domestic sobrasada when they sponsored a food promotion in the United States and were not permitted to bring in Mallorcan pork. (The classic premium sobrasada is made from the meat of a black pig, native to the Balearic Islands.


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blissful COW said...

My cousin Nito told me to try this...
1 tablespoon sobrasada
2 to 3 eggs
Heat sobrasada in a pan, add eggs and scramble. Delish!! Serve with bread or crackers.