Thursday, November 08, 2007

...I SWEAR!!!...

Yesterday, that prick was on the PC since 10am until dinner time. After dinner, I had to tell my dad that that prick was on the PC the whole day. The only reason I got to use it was because my mom asked my access her abacus terminal for a certain client. I turn off the monitor because I was going to get a drink (notice I didn't say glass?) of water from my own water bottles and ready my bed for my 9:00 pm masahe. I just closed the ref door and there was the prick carrying his electric fan to use the pc. Tang ina!!! 10am pa yan he was on it. I was about to explode that I had to tell my dad already. I wanted to hit that fucking prick with the electric fan!! I swear I want him DEAD! Ever since he quit his job he has been nothing but a pain in the ass here at home. Asking for calamansi juice everyone on the hour with 5 tablespoons of sugar to go with it. The weekly supply of fresh calamansi which is 2 kilos every market day (Saturday), was gone before Wednesday. That calamansi is for cooking our dishes. That pricks goes down every night to get something to eat. Leaves the ref door opened and even worst the freezer door opened until the maids come down in the morning. And yet I keep telling the maids to tell my mom and dad and NOT me. It's a good thing this new/extra cook is tapang and disses that asshole. His famous words are "Gawaan mo ng paraan!"or Find a way!! Every day fried chicken 3 to 5 pieces at lunch time and half a kilo or a kilo of spaghetti. He even eats the maids food supply to be able to gawaan ng paraan. I am going to tell our family doctor so it will get to my parents every time they visit the doctor. I have to tell the new cook NOT to give that asshole any grain of their food supply. One more time he says gawaan mo ng paraan I swear I will whip him with my dressage whip. Im not kidding!

I bought a WiFi Router today with the permission of my mom. It was all set up already. Step by step...Guess what! That fucking asshole took out the ethernet adapter and replaced it with some other thing. Obviously, WiFi will not work!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! CAN SOMEONE PlEASE KILL that LOOSER!!! This is NO JOKE! If anyone s reading this please KILL PAOLO del Rosario.! I'm begging you to do so!!! If you want more details of how to kill him. Send me a message.

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