Monday, October 08, 2007


Joined a VILLAGE GARAGE SALE here in Magallanes Saturday together with none other than Donya aka Janlo. I didn't want to spend 300 buck just for joining. Yeah kuripot... hahaha. I cant believe that this was the first time Magallanes has this. I know for a fact that Dasma has one regularly. Next time I'll prepare more. I can even sell food. It was a short stint for me since my stuff was sold out even before lunch time. It was Janlo's turn when she arrived. Met a few people too. Actually, the reason why I joined was because it could be a FREE Campaign strategy...right??

Janlo and I bummed a bit i my house waiting for time since Lori invited us to her house for merienda with the kids at 4. Lori bought me Starbucks coffee and Go Nuts Donuts...yummy. Then Mommy and Pappy picked Luis and I up for 6 pm mass and dinner after on Zong together with T. Lou, T. Chi, and Chachi... busog as always! Haay.

Sunday was really STAY HOME Day. Luis and Sean were here playing in the garage/garden looking for bugs and insects. Boys will be boys. I was glued to the tube witching channels waiting for the fight of Paquiao and the La Salle game.

then there was Pacquiao - Barrera Fight....

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