Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Monday evening after Luis' football the yaya tells me that the coach said that "Habang tumatanda si Luis, malalong hindi nakikinig. Noon lagi nakikinig". So, as we were waiting to be picked up, I made Luis sit down and asked him why he wasn't paying attention during football. He said that he just wants to play. Not play football but just run around the field. Before that there were letters sent out about a football friendly game all the way in Baguio end of the month. I asked Luis if he wanted to go and he said yes. I explained to him that I will not be in the country anymore and that he will have to go with his yaya. But if he keeps up the way he is during football I didn't think he deserved to be part of the team.
I promised Luis that we would watch Transfomers after school Tuesday afternoon. He said that he had little homework so I said ok. Would be my chance to make use of my FREE MOVIE pass for PWDs. Anyway, I was told that Luis had a letter from his teacher. I didn't really pay attention to it because I was pretty sure that it was a school-related-activity. I was wrong. This was what the note said:
"Dear Ms. del Rosario,
Your son Luis has been disrupting classes. He keeps talking in spite of several warnings from the teacher. He doesn't listen much to lessons but he can answer well in recitations. I ask for your assistance regarding Luis' behavior. If you want to set an appointment with me, you may see me after school between 3 - 4 pm. Thank you very much, Ms. Anna."
I was so furious that I called Luis and really scolded him. In the 5 years that he has been going to school not once did I ever receive a note of this magnitude. To add to that was his football coach's complain. So of course my fury built up. I asked Luis why he was acting this way or not paying attention in class and i football. Along with tears and sobs, he said that he gets bored in school and would rather play. I decided that he shouldn't be allowed to go to Baguio with his team at all. Hay!!!!
I wrote Ms. Anna a reply: "Dear Ms. Anna, This this the first time that Luis has been called for this matter. I myself am surprised. Although, yes, he tends to get overly excited and talks to much. I would love to meet with you regarding this matter. Would this Friday be okay? Thank you".
After the night's fury and talk with Luis, he came home from school today with a smile on his face. "Momma!! I have something for you!". It was the daily award that Ms. Anna gives the kids. He brought home the BEST STUDENT AWARD! A note from Ms. Anna too:
"Dear Ms. del Rosario, Good day! Your son Luis was cooperative today. He was also respectful. Thank you for your immediate response regarding my concern about Luis' behavior".
In one of Luis' homework he had to write a letter. He wrote me a letter.
"Dear Momma,
Thank you for taking me to see the Transformers movie and my party in Polo Club. Thank you for helping me do my homework. Thank you for getting mad at me because I learned my lesson. Thank you for printing out copies for my homework. I love you Momma! - love Luis."
In all of this, it pays to really reprimand your kids when needed. Just remember to always explain to them why you scolded them. They know that it's for their own good. I'm going to miss Luis when I leave next week. =( Oh well... Until then... Life goes on.

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