Wednesday, May 02, 2007


So much has been happening so much to blog about but haven't really had the time to do so. Today was the 3rd session of the cooking class. In the initial list there were 16 kids. One the first day, there were 27 signed up. The second week there were a total of 36. Today there were 29 or 30. Yikes!!!! But the kids have so much fun and those that are really interested are the boys. Of course the usual "Kids, not too noisy!" or "What do we do when someone is talking?" type of warning but other than that the kids are great. Of course, I have to thank the super duper duper uber nice volunteers who help me keep the class of 7 to 12 year olds sane. Judy, Vicky, Christine, & T. Loury...thank you so much for helping. As Brgy. Captain Gordon said, "Thank you for all your genorosity and effort in serving the community." Naks.... hehehe... But really, what other service can I be of other than what I know what to do, right? Cooking. Simple easy 123 cooking.
This is my first time to teach a cooking class. The Barangay does not have an actual kitchen so I have to prepare everything in advance and make the kids mix, stir, or fry. Then the kids assemble thier own works. We have electric stove tops, and other easy to plug in appliances but other than that, we have to make do with what we have. I prepare hand outs each session with the lesson plan and the recipe or recipes for the day. The kids all get excited when it's time to cook and even more when it's time to eat. At least with the handouts, the kids can make the recipes at home. I have some pictures at my MULTIPLY site. Enjoy!

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