Tuesday, January 23, 2007


The past few days have been odd. Odd in a good way though.
01.20 - Happy birthday Manet (my cousin) who turns.... Happy Birthday!! I have been hearing about Sudoku for ages but because it has to do with numbers, I immediately backed off. However, one super-bored-absolutely-nothing-to-do-night, I tried it. Now I'm hooked. Absolutely no computations, just placement of numbers. Even Luis tried it and gets frustrated but I downloaded super easy ones for him and now, when he sees me doing my puzzles, he gets his own copy too.
Mommy, Luis, and I were suppose to go to the 7 pm mass but instead to visited the Manahan-Santiagos since it was their last night til they go back to the Hague. Nice nice.. I wish they could stay longer though. Imagine all the little cousins growing up the way we grew up? Fun fun fun!
We had dinner in Cafe Med with Tita Lou, Manang Pitang, and Chachi. Stuffed as always. One gyros was not enough. Hahahaha.
01.21 - Every time I see or come across the date, I cant help but think of you know who and how stupid I was during those blinded years. Now, I just laugh!! =) Stayed home and during the morning and watched 50 First Dates with Luis.
Pappy going to the hospital to have the tube inserted in his stomach removed. He says it's been bothering him, and the daily cleaning and care is a waste of time. My take on it is, Thanks God that he is cancer-free but what happens if he can't swallow again? Another intubation? Another abdominal peg? But he wants it out so... there you go.
Mommy, Luis, and I went to mass and after mass, we went to SM because Mommy needed to but a pair of lite walking shoes. After which we picked up Pappy from the lobby of the hospital and we took him for a ...ride! Nah, we had diner in Pazzo. They have to die for liempo with your choice of fried rice (Dang that diet!!! DIE!! with a T!) It was funny because Pappy, with his white tag and all looked as if he escaped from the mental ward. Hehehe. He said it himself... Hahaa. What was funny was that, he had a 10 pm curfew because the guards were not going to let him in. Hahaha.
We bumped into the Dinglasans who I have not seen in a long time. Little JT is not little anymore. Rafa has two daughters. Bianca is the same which is good. Nice nice nice.
10.22 - Since Pappy was in the hospital, I had to end my riding early or ride earlier, so I could take Luis to his 2nd basketball training camp. It was fun to watch the little kiddies trot around the court doing drills. Then I realized that Luis and Sean (his cousin) were the youngest in the group. The kids were huge.. Oh well, Luis can handle any age group as in any... This little girl from soccer was there too. Awww she is so pretty and so siga.. so cute too in her pink jersey. Her yaya said that she is into so sports and loves all of them. Not only that, she is good too...
Mommy is leaving for India tomorrow and somehow couldn't sleep. I doubt it was the excitement. It was because she had to fix her bills. Which, called her attention when she saw how the imbecile brat has been signing left and right with his credit card and when asked for the official gas bill/receipt it takes eons to produce one. Then the one that he produces, is dated 2 or 3 months ago! I swear, I don't know how my mom and dad can live with his utter distortion of facts and just allow him to be that way. Can't they see how deceitful he is? Even his nightly trips down to the kitchen for a sugar-filled drink trying to hide it by his side as he walks not realizing that I can smell his drink from where I am seated.... Forget it! As I have said, I have given up on him. I just pity my parents.
But thank God I had my Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episode 12 to look forward too when I snuggle into bed. Haaay... that would be a different entry altogether. Sob sob sob...
01.23 - After 3 or 4 years of friendship hiatus, I finally had lunch with Penny. Someone who I was pretty close too all those years. Lunch was great. We really had a lot to touch base with. Some clarifications. Some aahhs and ooohs, and the all time favorite cheesy gossip. Hehe. It was fun and nice. Nice to see that despite all, a friend is true to her word. Thanks Pens.
Picked up Luis from school and according to him, he did his homework already. Ok fair enough. I on the other hand, hand a meeting for a FGD (Focus Group Discussion) at 6. It was fun meeting new people, discussing our daily shampooing habits and the myriad hair products in the market. Fun fun and getting paid was even better. Hehehe... Have moolah for Friday's gimmick! yahoo!!!

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