Sunday, December 10, 2006

...ONE WEEK...

Been busy doing things for my mom. Working actually. Cleaning the house. Putting up Christmas Decor, checking the developments of the lanai remodeling, Christmas Parties, and Luis. Don't ever have time to take pictures.

December 5th was my parents' 36th wedding anniversary. Wait let me do the math. Oops. 37th Wedding Anniversary pala. There was a simple dinner here with the Del Rosario's. Nothing fancy. But had to prepare and cook. The food was good and different. My mom's friend gave her a whole turkey, my mom ordered cannelloni from La Tasca, manang and I made steamed fish, candied yams, and salad. The dessert was Mango Torte and Brazo de Mercedes.

December 6 was Lola Manchi's birthday. We had the 6 o'clock mass in San Antonio, dinner in Tita Ito's house. Howard and T. Jesse were there too. Howard has two twin sons that were celebrating their 1st birthday that day too. But according to Howard they were too tired from the days' activities. It's a good thing that they will be staying here until March! Goodie! Oh the twins are ADORABLE!!! They look like Martin H, and Howard. Cute... George and Nico.

Yesterday was the Christmas party of the Magallanes gang but held in Lyka and Jaime's house in Dasma. It was good that Jan and Robin joined us. Jan is June's twin sister.

It's getting c-c-c-cold! I cant type anymore, Will continue later... bedroom weather! Haaayyyy! Can't help but miss... =)

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