Monday, November 27, 2006


Luis is back from South Cotabato. When he came into my room to greet me, he was wearing a TEAM PACQUIAO cap from McDo. Funny. After he made kwento he rushed out to play basketball in the garage.
My mom and I had to go to mass and all of a sudden she was so masungit. Of course, you know me I don't give in when I know I am right. She was telling me to get into the car already and it so happened that I went to the passenger side instead of the driver's side which was nearer to me. She starts freaking out. Saying that why am i giving myself such a hard time and getting into the car on the curb side? I was like... "Mom! It's been 7 years already and yet you don't understand or get that I have my techniques and means and ways of getting in and out of the car. I have techniques for very single thing to be able to do things independently! You always contradict everything I say and do. My right side is paralyzed and need to always start with my stronger side. You still don't get it. I was taught these things to be safe! I always have to think before I make a step!" With that she said "Ok ok! Enough!" Dang, I could have gone on and on but I decided to shut up. Fuck! What was wrong with her? Didn't get enough golf this weekend? Anyway, we picked up Luis and my dad and went to Greenbelt. I could have given her the cold treatment and all but I decided to get let it go. Good girl Bettina. Good girl. But I swear, and I don't swear unless I really mean time she does that to me...HA!
Thank God she sat in the front seat with baboy. My Pappy, Luis, and I behind. Thank God too that my two titas and cousin were joining us for dinner. At least to ease the tension. But I didn't stop there, after dinner, she started getting mad at me for my jeans, my shirt, it was either too low or disgusting. I was like "Look, this is my only black shirt. I wanted to wear black. You don't like it, buy me a new one. While you are at it buy me new jeans too." My dad and everyone else in the car just kept quiet. Meaning, don't let me get started... I am not being an ass here, I'm just being firm. Like I said, I let it go for the meantime. Until she starts breathing down my neck again. Oh well...unto better things...
Episode 9 Season 3 of Grey's Anatomy is INTENSE!!! That's all I can say.

Saw Jivey today. Didnt ride because the person half stabling with me asked if she could ride... by all means. Without her monthly contribution I most probabaly won't be riding. The customer is always right..

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