Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I think I'm back on track. Getting there. Slowly. Meaning, after the long vacation, I'm back on the daily grind so to speak. I went riding yesterday. Jive was so cute that after my ride, she went straight to my yaya. Jive knew exactly who was holding her carrots. Funny girl... My mom treated me to a masahe last night...which I needed badly. Thanks Mom!! Today, I finally went to PT. The swelling on my right leg suddenly disappeared (no need for expensive check ups!). It felt good to see everyone including my co-patients. My two therapists had their share of kwentos. Juicy ones too... hehehe. It feels good to get back on track.
Of course, I treated myself with two new episodes of Grey's Anatomy and Prison Break. Since GA was on-hold for a week, my daily rerun was Prison Break. Tonight, after watching Grey's I couldn't help but feel that "feeling" again. It was just a short while but it was there. Haay... Oh well life is like that.
The reason why the title for this entry is so, is because that was the episode of GAs. We all commit.

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