Thursday, October 12, 2006


I may have said this before but, ever since Luis started the second grade, I have't really sat down with him and help him with his homework. I just bug him to remind him to do it. To actually see it and read through it, I haven't really done that. Unless of course it is really something he cannot comprehend, of course I will help him.
Luis was asked to join the Inter School Science Bee. He won 2nd place in his level and his team won 1st. Today, Luis comes home with two Certificates of Recognition. One for winning 1st Place for the On-The-Spot Essay Writing Contest and Best Science Project for his year level. I get so overwhelmed by his accomplishments that it really makes me wonder where he gets all his talent.
I was told that a child gets a much higher precentage of knowledge and wisdom from the mother. Yahoo! Hehehe. I'm just so proud of Luis. Haay.

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