Friday, September 01, 2006

Wednesday night, or should I say early Thursday morning, I couldn't sleep. It was about 2:00 am already knowing that I had to go to OT and PT a few hours later. Luis and I slept with my mom because it was so hot and she said that if we slept with her, she would use the A/C. I was so engrossed in my book that I didn't realize the time, 4:00 am. It felt like I just had fallen into deep slumber, when I hear the heavy footing and irritating voice of Paolo, announcing his arrival. "Tang Ina naman, people are trying to sleep here!", I wanted to say. It was 6:00 am! I tried to ignore it and attempted to go back to sleep. However, he didn't seem to care that Luis and I were still sleeping. He went on rambling about his hours in the call-center and how rude the clients were blah blah blah. He and my mom were talking to loud, the more irritable I got! Not to mention the just as irritable gestures of an non-admittant ADHD person. I scoffed, threw the sheets over my head and attached my leg-brace in a record breaking time as a sign of repulsion. I went straight to my room and tried to sleep again. It didn't happen. Because of that, I went back to my mom's room who was also trying to go back to sleep and woke her up and said "Please tell Paolo not to barge into the room we comes home at 6 in the morning knowing very well that there are still people trying to sleep. You very well know what time I slept because you kept waking up and asking the time." My mother didn't say a word as if she was dumb founded. Since it was time for Luis to wake up too, I got Luis and while doing so, I told my mom that I was going to the grocery because there were alot items that were not bought. Questioning the recent grocery trip, my mom had Paolo called. Apparently, he was rushing the two maids and screaming at them and telling them to hurry up because he was hungry. I saw them leave that morning to do the grocery and wondered why it wasnt even an hour and they were back... "Tangina ang yabang yabang mo that you have money, you cant even go and buy yourself a sandwhich in the grocery?", I said in my head. I ended up telling the cook off asking why she didn't tell my mom the same day I told her to? Haaay!
SEE WHAT I HAVE TO PUT THROUGH BECAUSE OF THAT PAOLO? HELL!!! The following nights my mom tried to lure Luis and I to sleep in her room because she was going to use the aircon..HAHA! I'd rather sweat it off with two electric fans rather than be rudely awaken by someone who has no manners, digression, or being a human whatsoever.
I clearly couldn't go back to sleep and instead got ready for PT and OT. It was Eric's 40th birthday too so I wanted to greet him. I wanted to greet him personally (phone) rather than send a text message. But since the very early morning incident, I was in a bad mood. The only thing that kept me from blowing up was Luis' sweet kisses and embraces and helping him get ready for school.
It was lunch time so I thought of calling Eric. It rang twice and he cut me off immediately follwed by a text from him saying that he was in a meeting and just to text him. Didn't hear from him anymore. I must admit I was taken a back when he didn't pick up. I can formulate so many thing in my mind knowing that his car is color coded on thursdays and usually doesn't leave the house. Then again he could have have another car and blah blah blah. I was the victim here because I did not do anything wrong. He should have known from the start that he was not ready for a relationship after his wife died. He lead me on and I was gullible enough to fall for him. The way he broke up with me and the way I accepted it, I deserve a bit more respect than a reply saying that he was in a meeting. You know the saying "DROPPED LIKE A HOT POTATO"? That is exactly how he left me.
Despite the "rude" dismisal, I can't think of any wrong in our brief relationship. He "saved" me and made me believe again. He made me "come out" of the traumatic experience. There was really nothing was all great,as in great, except the downfall.. he is not over the death of his wife. They say it takes 10 years to grieve...we are only in year 2.
The title of my entry today is LOST because, I started watching the TV series LOST on abc. Just started season 1, 8th episode. I like, I like...

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