Thursday, August 24, 2006


The past weeks or so, I am more than sure that there will be a glass of taho waiting for me when I get home. My Pappy leaves P 30.00 with the maid to flag down the Manong Taho each morning. One glass costs P 10 pesos. My Pappy gets one for Luis, one for me, and one for himself without the sago. If I am at home, I'll spare P 20 pesos more for my midnight stash or merienda.
When I was pregnant, 7 years ago, I craved for Taho each day but only the soya. No sago (tapioca) and no syrup or what is known as arnibal (liquefied raw sugar). Just plain taho and a dash of sugar. Don't ask me why, ask my raging hormones of why I only wanted the white stuff.
I was saddened by the news that our Manong Taho passed away due to the complications of diabetes. According to my neighbor, who is 20 years older than me, Manong Taho has been selling taho in our village since she was a little girl. He was very good looking during his prime and would have made it as an actor even. Well, that's what my neighbor says. What is going through my head this second is that "He probably ate too much Taho or too much syrup that's why he died" but that's just my mind talking. But seriously, I was really beginning to wonder as to what happened to him. It was only a few weeks ago when his nephew started doing the rounds. Now our Manong Taho has strict instructions to ring the doorbell everyday and ask for 3 glasses.
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