Sunday, August 27, 2006

...PAPPY and LUIS...

Knowing that my mom was coming home from Bangkok, Luis worked his magic powers are ask my mom if we could have dinner out. We had mass in CSA where we bumped into Tita Carmen and invited her to have dinner with us in Kaya. We called the del Rosarios as well but it was only Tita Chi who joined us. Food was delish as usual. Glass Noodles and the pancake-like too. Of course the BBQ. Stuffed as usual.

My Pappy has been eating normally which is good. So if i'm not mistaken, last night was our first meal out together and my Pappy could eat anything.

Today, Pappy brought Luis to another basketball game. I'm so happy that my Pappy can still take Luis to all these games. Reminded me of my basketball days where my Pappy would pull me out of school to watch a La Salle Game. Thanks Pap! I would go too but i'd rather that Luis and my Pappy spend as much time as they can together. As we know "it's a guy thing!"

Meanwhile, I get the house all to myself and some down time. We all need our down time. My girls all went to the Spa that Cara recomended but I couldnt go. Aside from the fact that my ever dearest Angele was on dayoff and Luis is suppose to study for his exams this week. I'm sure my girls ha a blast. It was also Martin's 6th birthday yesterday. Martin is janlo's 2nd son who is my inaanak too. The kids are growing up way too fast. Which reminds me, I watched Finding Neverland on the Lifestyle channel while waiting for time.

I'll go back to my book now...*sigh*

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