Tuesday, August 01, 2006

...I'M BACK!!!...
Aside from the fact we haven't had internet connection for 3 days, I was down with the flu. I tried to sit up and type something but I would just get woozy. Back to bed for me. Wednesday last week was the batch '93 fundraiser for the brother of a batchmate of mine who has Hodgekins Lymphoma. EOD -our highschool band performed as well as other artists. click here for pictures! I'm glad that despite the low turn out of people due to heavy rains and bedridden mommies, we were able to raise a decent amount for Benjo. From what I know, there have been many fundraising events... as in ALOT. Friday, my cousin Chachi organized a surprise birthday party for her mom in my lola's house. How sweet =). stuffed as usual. Saturday was another birthday bash for Caloi. Again despite the rains good turn out still. Found out too that Joty will be spending some time in the States. Good for him. On the way home from Caloi's I noticed that there was something wrong with my brace... dang it broke!!! Thank God that the orthopedic guy in the States gave me extra bolts and gadgets for my brace. This is my good brace, my first one is forever plastered with leukoplast and mueller tape. Poor me. Because of that, I couldn't ride monday afternoon and had to spend the afternoon in the shoe repair shop. Did the usual of picking up Luis, getting issues of the August issue of Cosmopolitan. yehee! Adventure.... Janlo visited me today at PT. She had a doctor's appointment in the medical building next door and had to wait for her hubby. So many things happening again...
Fuck! I just heard the baboy break something again! Stupid moron! I'm not sorry for saying these things. He probably broke another serving dish or a glass that will piss me off when I need it when I cook. Then he will consume another HUGE Glass of Nestea and a HUGE amount of sugar to go with it, when he VERY WELL KNOWS that he isn't suppose to. I shouldn't care right? I don't. This is what I hate! It's the way he sneaks his food and drinks into his room. I mean I don't care if he wants to kill himself with his diabetes. I just really hate the way he SNEAKS it. One has to witness it to know what I mean. Just today, my yaya passes by my room and shows me all 3 plates and glasses with tons of sugar in the bottom from his iced tea. These dishes were just from lastnight to think that he had dinner. Then, the simple task of switching off the lights by the stairway when he come up and down the stairs, he can't do despite my mother's outrages of enormous electric bills. So the other night he was walking to his room in the middle of the night with a glass of iced tea, do you think he switched off the light when he hit the upstairs corridor? NO! So, I texted my mom about it and told her that I was not going to switch it off at all. Even if the switch is just outside my room. Until she makes sure that her son acts like a person, I will NOT move a finger. My parents know that I have given up with Paolo. They know that from that day he called me "SLOW", to me he does not exist. Even though my mom puts her foot and tells me that she has enough with me and my lambasting Paolo, she knows she can't do anything. What really gets to me is how Paolo is teaching my son how to lie. That's another story... but when that happened, all hell broke loose and they couldnt do anything to me. So, moral of the story...don't piss me off.
Back to better things.... My dad can finally eat a more this time. I have been making him tofu dishes because he can swallow that. So now because he gets to eat properly, he isnt so cranky. Even his therapists tell me that he is so much more pleasant now. Food lang pala yung kailangan. So true!!!
LACUCARASTA is back in Bistro 110 for the whole month of August. 9:00pm every Wednesday nights. ROOTS ROCK REGGAE!

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