Friday, July 07, 2006

The past three fridays were Bistro & Capones nights. This friday? Nothing happening. Well my friends are out singing their hearts out in some new discovered v-bar. My ride was not coming back to Makati so there goes my ride. My mom would be out leaving Luis alone. Can't count on my dad to watch him because he has bigger problems to deal with. So, it's another friday night and I have nothing to do.
I can hear my dog barking, but I am not sure where the barking is coming from. From my standpoint it seems like he is outside. What the hell is Hunter doing outside at this time? Gotta check gotta check.
Yesterday was my son's birthday. Only brought a cake and pizza to school. Fruit Salad without the cream and a couple of slices of carrot and banana cake from Baguio Country Club. Had to bring fruits because I was informed that two of Luis' classmates were muslim and were only allowed to eat fruits. I felt sorry for them because they look like they really wanted to eat the cake with marshmallow icing. It came to my attention that, in his class only two are Filipinos the rest are either, american, malaysian, korean, and japanese. I like the fact my son gets to interact with other nationalities with different religions too. Though, I feel sad that many of his classmates have moved to other schools, those who he has been friends with since nursery and kindergarten.

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