Tuesday, July 11, 2006

...ON DEATH...

Death as we all know is inevitable. It's just a matter of when and how. I have been drowning myself by watching Grey's Anatomy over and over. As we know, the show is set in a hospital in Seattle, with 5 surgical interns trying to make it through each day. Patients of all sorts. Medical situations, cases, quintuplets, and the list goes on and on.

I lost the only grand parent I have ever known last February 2006. Although, I was able to meet my great paternal grand mother when I was younger. My mom's sister, who I love dearly passed away a year ago. My dad's uncle who was a Bishop passed away years ago too. So far that's the only memory of loved ones lost.

Today, my dear friend/neighbor's aunt passed away too. I know for a fact that she has not been well for some time now. Mama Mita, as she was called, was more than a mother to Lori than an aunt. Mama Mita raised Lori when her mother could not.

I went to Mama Mita's wake which happend to be in the same room as my lola's. My lola's wake lasted for a week. People literally pouring in and out of the chapel reaching the courtyard or garden. Today, in Mama Mita's wake, there were 12 people including myself and the priest. I was saddened at the same time glad. I guess I was comparing my huge huge clan to that of Lori's. All her relatives are abroad. Mama Mita was single, so she didnt have kids or grand kids running around. I was glad because the mass was very simple and solemn. I was glad that no matter what I was able to BE THERE for my friend. You know when they say "Nobody should die alone", I believe that.

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